[CSGO LOOT.BET SEASON 1] x6tence Galaxy vs CHAOS

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LOOT.BET Season 1 - 2019 - Sunday 10 - 11:00 am change timezone
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It’s time to watch an Swedish clash in the first season of the LOOT.BET cup and we will be seeing x6tence Galaxy going all out against CHAOS, who also doesn’t want to be left behind.

Going in this match, both Swedish squads of x6tence Galaxy and Chaos are coming with respectable results of lately as both of them are somewhat managing to hold their own against teams from the lower tier competition.

However, for this best of three, it’s clear that the team with the best map pool will have a clear advantage as both teams are comparable in other factors. Thus, x6tence Galaxy has an edge here.

We do recommend a bet on x6tence Galaxy.

Our pick : x6tence Galaxy
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