[CSGO LOOT.BET SEASON 3] Youngsters vs Heretics

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LOOT.BET Season 3 - 2019 - Tuesday 13 - 9:55 am change timezone
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This is a match between Youngsters and Heretics, the two teams are both at 0-2 in the event. Loot.Bet Season 3 features a Swiss format and the teams to lose three matches are out of the tournament. It means that the loser of this match faces elimination, while the winner moves past into the next scene. The winner won’t really move past into the next stage, however, they will survive one more round into the tournament. Youngsters has a Polish lineup led by PashaBiceps. The team might not be the very best when it comes to their results; however, the amateurs can learn a lot from Pashabiceps and his experience. The team is still working on establishing their best maps.

Heretics, on the other hand, is mostly a French team with DavidP being the only Bulgarian player on the roster. The players have worked together multiple times in the past and have great synergy with each other. In fact, at a point in 2017-18, one could say they formed the best roster in France. Their recent matches have been against teams such as Vexed, Winstrike and Avez, all of which have been losses for the team. They have not reached their peak potential, which can truly challenge the best teams in France. However, they have been able to win against Youngsters, although the record is very close.

Our pick : Heretics
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We recommend a bet on Heretics for this match. It is a close contest between the two teams, however, due to their synergy, experience and their recent results, a bet on Heretics makes the most sense.

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