[DOTA EPIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1] Natus Vincere vs Vikin.gg

November 28, 2020 | 0 | 0

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Natus Vincere and Viking.gg will face each other in the group stage of the EPIC League Season 2 Division 1. The tournament has a $500,000 prize pool with ten teams in attendance. The top four teams from the group stage will go-ahead to the upper bracket of the playoffs. The 5th-8th placed teams advance to the play-in stage while the bottom two teams are eliminated from the tournament. with the best teams in action, the EPIC League Season 2, Division 1 will be the last tournament to be played on the 7.27c patch. Valve has already promised a new patch (7.28?) by mid-December, which should be after the group stage of the tournament.

Despite being called as one of the favorites in this tournament, Natus Vincere is still 3-3 int he League. The CIS roster has played only six matches so far and has still managed to stay above some other big names such as Just Error and co. Na’Vi made several roster changes in the recent past and the team’s strong performance has been due to the players’ finding synergy with each other. Na’Vi is a contender to win the EPIC League Season 2 Division 1.

Viking.gg is the strongest team in the tournament. Coached by ImmortalFaith, this team has found its footing with a diverse character lineup and very unique strategies. Viking.gg is at top of the leaderboards with a 6-1 score. The team relies on team fights and a mid-game lineup to secure an already strong early-game. This series will be extremely competitive as Viking.gg is strong, but not strong enough to 2-0 Na’Vi. Na’Vi still needs several games to secure its spot in the playoffs, while the same cannot be said about Viking.gg. I am taking Na’Vi to upset Viking.gg for this match.

Our pick : Natus Vincere

I am taking Na’Vi to win this series versus Viking.gg. This is a huge upset, but with Na’Vi requiring several games to qualify for the playoffs, there is a good possibility that the team can put forth a strong result and win this series with a 2-1 score.

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