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EPIC League Division 1 - 2020 - Thursday 19 - 2:41 pm change timezone
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Nigma and Alliance will face each other in the EPIC League Season 2 Division 1 tournament. Nigma has played two matches so far, losing to mudgolems. However, the next day, NIgma won its series versus OG (2-1) score. Nigma’s recent matches have highlighted the lack of an aggressive and calculated approach by the team. Aliwi “w33” Omar might be a good team fighter, but he often loses the mid-lane fight often allowing his teammates to farm and get the superior laning phase. However, this playstyle also means that his impact in the mid-game is significantly lower than the enemy midlaner.

Alliance has been having a mixed bag of results lately. The team took down some strong opponents before but also lost a few easy matches recently. Nigma and Alliance would be the same skill set in my opinion and there is a good chance of this series going the distance of over 2.5 maps.

Our pick : Alliance

I am taking Alliance to win this series, although the match will be extremely close and should most likely go the distance of over 2.5 maps.