[DOTA EPIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1] Team Secret vs Just Error

November 18, 2020 | 0 | 0| |

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Team Secret and Just Error will face each other in the EPIC League Division 1 Tournament. The EPIC League Division 1 has the best Dota 2 teams competing against each other. Team Secret was recently inducted into the Esportsawards as a nominee for the best Dota 2 team. After all, the team won seven consecutive grand finals, all with a 3-0 score. The team’s dominance stems from the heights of the players’ individual skill as well as their ability to understand and counter the enemy teams.

Just Error is 1-2 in the tournament while Team Secret is 0-2. But there is a world of difference in the experience on the two teams. Just Error is still a very new team and the roster has little time to practice together. In fact, fans don’t expect this team to put up a strong showing despite the obvious skill ceiling on the roster. On the other hand, Team Secret has been together and has been dominating the Dota 2 scene in 2020. The team has produced innovative strategies and has been able to take on much stronger opponents with ease.

I am taking Team Secret to win this series.

Our pick : Team Secret

Team Secret should be able to win this match with ease.

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