[DOTA EPIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1] Vikin.gg vs Mudgolems

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EPIC League Division 1 - 2020 - Thursday 19 - 11:15 am change timezone
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Viking.gg has proven to be one of the best teams and despite having some relatively lesser-known players, the team defeated Team Secret 2-0 in the EPIC League Season 2. Viking.gg, coached by ImmortalFaith, has already risen to the top of the Dota 2 scene. The team has a deep playbook and puts out different heroes in weird combinations. While analysts and casters might not always see the combo, the payers know their gameplan and stick to it. It has reaped them a lot of benefits recently, including the 2-0 victory over Team Secret.

mudgolems is yet another team whose recent matches have a similar trajectory to Viking.gg. So far in the EPIC League, mudgolems is third in the leaderboards with a 2-1 score. The team has won its recent matches versus Nigma and Just Error. The team lost one series to Team secret, but still managed to secure one game over best Dota 2 team.

This series should be relatively close and the matches will most likely go into the third game. However, in the end, I believe Viking.gg has the superior skill-set and the depth to their hero pools to gain the W over mudgolems.

Our pick : Vikin.gg

I am taking Viking.gg to win this series, possibly with a 2-1 score.