[DOTA EPIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1] Virtus pro vs Mudgolems

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EPIC League Division 1 - 2020 - Saturday 21 - 8:00 am change timezone
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Virtus.Pro and mudgolems will face each other in the EPIC League Season 2. Virtus.pro has made a few changes to its Dota 2 roster, adding one of the best players in the CIS region, gpk. His presence on the team presents a strong result for the team as they can reach new heights with the new roster.

mudgolems have had a few mixed results recently. Although the team has defeated the likes of Team Secret recently, they have also lost to lower-ranked teams. The lack of consistency might be the team trying out new techniques or just that they do not surprise other teams anymore.

Our pick : Virtus pro

I am taking Virtus.pro to win this series.