[DOTA EPIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1] Virtus pro vs Vikin.gg

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Virtus.Pro and Viking.gg will face each other in the EPIC League Season 1. Viking.gg lost 0-2 to Alliance, partly because their core player, BOOM couldn’t play that series due to internet connectivity issues. The team used a stand-in, but it was not at the same level as it was with the original roster.

With Alliance and Viking.gg relatively close in their skill-sets, the series went 2-0 in the way of Alliance. Viking.gg fans should expect BOOM to be able to play in this match versus Virtus.Pro. It is an important match, since both teams are extremely capable teams and have a similar skill-set. Virtus.Pro recently acquired GPK from Gambit esports, adding significant firepower to its roster. Gpk is one of the most promising players in the CIS region and has been in the radar for many tier-one teams.

Virtus.Pro is 4-1 while Viking.gg is 4-1. The two teams are at the top of the leaderboards, and Viking.gg’s only loss came due to internet issues. This series should be a relatively close match and Dota 2 bettors can expect Viking.gg and Virtus.Pro to go the distance of over 2.5 games. However, if you have to choose a match winner, you can take Viking.gg to win this series.

Our pick : Vikin.gg

Dota 2 bettors should take Viking.gg to win this series.

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