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OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division - 2020 - Thursday 03 - 2:00 pm change timezone
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Team Secret and Evil Geniuses will face each other in the upper bracket of the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division. Team Secret has been one of the best Dota 2 teams in the past few months. The team’s performance climbed rapidly over the past few months as Puppey and co. were able to master the current meta and capitalize on other teams’ lack of expertise on the meta.

Evil Geniuses is playing in the European division. The team often goes back to RTZ’s trademark Terrrorblade, but it has not helped them in dire circumstances so far at this tournament. This match will be interesting since Secret has shown they are able to adjust their playstyle to suit the opponent. Secret picked an extremely aggressive lineup with a Bloodseeker offlane against OG.

Our pick : Team Secret

I am taking Team Secret to win this match against Evil Geniuses, although it should not come as a huge surprise if EG is able to take this match to three games.