[DOTA2 ANGGAME CHINA VS SEA 3] Dragon Gaming vs WarriorsGaming.Unity

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ANGGAME China vs SEA 3 - 2019 - Thursday 10 - 2:00 am change timezone
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The other exciting game of the tournament features an ex tier one team – WarriorsGaming.Unity. They have had all the chances in the world and they did manage to grab one of them and compete at a tier one event. What is even more surprising is that they actually played fairly well, however, shortly after that, everything just went downhill for the team. They were unable to keep up with the form that they got up to and that ultimately led them to the tier two level once again.

However, in this match,. we do believe that they are the favourites, because their enemy is fairly new to the scene and do not have the needed experience in order to have a chance agains Dragon Gaming.

Our pick : WarriorsGaming.Unity
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