[DOTA2 EPICENTER] SG esports vs Stars

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Epicenter - 2018 - Tuesday 13 - 11:00 am change timezone
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First game in Epicenter qualifier for both teams. What is obvious right from the start in this matchup, is there is a clear favorite and it’s SG esports.
What Stars need to do in this series is copy the way Pain and Infamous were beating SG in past couple of qualifiers. SG only seems to be losing to those two teams in SA qualifiers and it’s clear why. Stars need to be careful when picking against SG, that means they need to counter their staple picks which are most often tanky melee heroes. Some of the picks that Stars need to be looking at are Outworld Devourer, Phantom Lancer and Queen of Pain.
SG, on the other hand, is here to dictate the tempo and lead set their game up. Being the stronger team they need to execute their plan and stick with what they do usually.

Prediction – SG is a clear favorite and should not have problem with winning this series 2-0.

Our pick : SG esports
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