[DOTA2 2019 THE BUCHAREST MINOR] Gambit Gaming vs Ehome.

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2019 The Bucharest Minor - 2019 - Sunday 13 - 4:00 am change timezone
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This game is the Lower Bracket Finals between Gambit Esports and Keen Gaming at the Bucharest Minor. There is a lot riding on this game, the loser is out of the tournament at the 3rd place; while the winner moves to Grand Finals where Ehome is waiting for them. The winner of the entire minor gets a chance to play at the upcoming Chongqing Major.

Gambit Esports recently won the WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness recently after defeating OG 3-0 in the Grand finals. The team managed to understand the meta after getting a very good understanding of how to play certain heroes in the current meta. It is important for the team to know how to go about their draft and Gambit does seem to have mastered the same. Gambit has a wide variety of heroes and they have a focus on the early game. Even if their draft does seem to be weak, they will ensure that they play to its strengths and win the match. This is what we saw in their match against OG where they were definitely the weaker draft, but their playstyle complimented their draft with excellence.

Their opponents for this match are Keen Gaming. Keen Gaming lost to Ehome in the upper bracket and they have been winning through the lower bracket since then. The team has a lot of experienced players in Old Chicken, Kaka and eLeven. They usually have a very different style of the draft which includes heroes such as Visage, Razor etc. Their variety and flexibility with which they can play these heroes is what makes them stand apart.

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Gambit has looked extremely strong so far. They did lose to Ehome, but apart from that, they have been very impressive over the past month. Their win against OG in the previous tournament definitely makes them a top contender in the Dota 2 scene. As NIP’s Peter Dager said, he was also learning from Gambit and trying to see what they were doing right in their matches so far. We recommend a bet on Gambit Gaming.

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