[DOTA2 G4L CHALLENGE] Team Empire Hope vs Kompas.Gaming

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g4L Challenge - 2018 - Thursday 06 - 8:00 am change timezone
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In the tier two teams battles, Kompas.Gaming are one of the biggest names. They have been strugging to get out of that tier two level for a lot of time now but sadly they  are still there. Having said that, the G4L Challenge is surely a great way to prove yourself among the rest. Their enemies –Team Empire Hope  is also a pretty passionate team which has a lot of ambition and potential but currently they do not have what it takes to become a permament tier one team.
In a direct clash between those two teams we believe that Kompas.Gaming  are just looking better and have the better players, which means that they will most likely win. However, in a tournament of this level, there could be many upsets. That’s why we advice you to keep a close eye on the games and see if your betting choice is performing well, because in the end, one wrong decision could mean loosing a lot of money.

Our pick : Kompas.Gaming
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