[LOL 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP] Gen.G vs Royal Never Give Up

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2018 World Championship - 2018 - Thursday 11 - 9:00 am change timezone
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Our Prediction / Betting tips

The final match of the day is one most players are ecstatic about. 2 of the best teams at worlds clash in the group stage. RNG smashed C9, and are still looking like one of the favorites to win the entire tournament. Alternatively, Gen.G start the group stage 0-1 after a shocking defeat to Vitality.


Gen.G did not look like the Korean seed who ran through the regional gauntlet to secure a spot at Worlds 2018. Crown played quite poor and was getting dominated by Jiizuke both in and out of lane. The team played their usual slow, Korean type game, and Vitality knew what their plan was and countered it perfectly with early and constant aggression. This doesn’t bode well for Gen.G against RNG, an aggressive Chinese team with loads of talent. Gen.G is going to either need Haro to step up his game, or to replace him with Ambition for some veteran shot-calling.


RNG look just as good as ever against C9, and they do not look to slow down against Gen.G. Uzi looked like the best player in the world once again, obliterating Sneaky in the lane and taking the game by storm. Karsa again showcased his talent on the Taliyah, and the engage looked spot on from Ming on Alistar and Xiaohu on Galio. The team looks like a well-oiled machine, and it’ll take a very strong opponent to stop them.


For this match, we are predicting an RNG victory. Gen.G’s stumble against Vitality does not bode well for them against RNG, and Uzi should be able to run away with the game if he ever gets an advantage.

Our pick : Royal Never Give Up
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