[OW OVERWATCH LEAGUE] Boston Uprising vs Florida Mayhem

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Overwatch League - 2018 - Friday 12 - 9:00 pm change timezone
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The two teams are not really the best in the League, but they are very evenly matched. Boston Uprising has been called the underdogs in the Overwatch League. But from what we have heard from several sources, Boston is looking really strong in their performance and scrims. We did see them put up a strong show against NYXL in their previous match. The two players to watch out on this team will be Dreamkazper and Striker. Dreamkazper’s Genji play was definitely amazing as he was the focus of the opponents. They had to focus him down simply cause of how much damage and effect he was having on the match.

Florida Mayhem on the other hand also had a decent performance. The tea which comprises of the Swedish support duo has seen an insane level of coordination and synergy between the two players. Along with Cwoosh and Manneten on the tanks, this team looks extremely strong. Of course the star power of Tviq and his performance on Widow and hitscan heroes is what will carry the team over the top. The problem for the team would be their lower number of players on their overall roster, however, they have shown they can play with the low number of players to a high-efficiency level.


Our pick : Boston Uprising
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We Predict Boston Uprising will win this match against Florida Mayhem

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