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Our Prediction / Betting tips

These are two really strong teams in the Overwatch Contenders. While the teams have many uprisung players, they are slowly marking their way up the ladder when it comes to their games. Fusion University has a Korean dominant roster with two North Amreican players. they did have Whoru, who was a huge part of the team’s composition. However, post his move to Meta Athena, the team is busy building its form and synergy together. With the excellence and support staff of the Fusion University, this team already has worked wonders on their synergy. we often see them posting pictures of themselves on social media and on public platforms.

Their opponents for this match are the Atlanta Academy. This team has a full American roster. The language is never a problem for the team and as we watch them take centre stage during Contenders we will see the capability of several of these young players. We should keep an eye on Sugarfree and Saucy who are the DPS on this lineup. This is a very risky bet, since both teams are relatively unknown. However, both the teams are on a winning streak of late. As such they have a lot of VODS to review of each other.

Our pick :

This is a very risky bet and it will not suffice to say that even a small bet on either is risky. Overall Fusion Univesity has better synergy and that can help them a lot going up against Atlanta Academy.

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