[OW 2019 OVERWATCH LEAGUE] Los Angeles Valiant vs Philadelphia Fusion

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2019 Overwatch League - 2019 - Thursday 07 - 10:00 pm change timezone
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The Los Angeles Valiant is slowly shaping up to be the Shanghai Dragons of Season 1. After five matches, the Valiant are yet to win a single match and they look extremely weak in Season 2. Their problems arise due to the team’s obvious lack of synergy. Despite having many players from last season, they seem to be stuck outside of the GOATS meta and are definitely not comfortable on it. Ofcourse, they have also faced some really good opposition, so their 0-5 performance has to be put into perspective. They have faced teams such as NYXL, Hangzhou Spark, Guangzhou Charge, Toronto Defiant amongst others. These are some of the strongest teams in the new season and Valiant losing to them is not that surprising. After all, these teams have had a lot of time to study the Valiant playstyle and adapt to them.

Philadelphia Fusion, however, does look like the better team in this matchup. The team has put up strong performances so far and are currently 3-2 in the Season. The Philadelphia Fusion team loss to Dallas Fuel was definitely a lot surprising and when we have a closer look at their matches we realise that the fusion has not faced tough opponents. Winning against Washington Justice and the likes hardly seem to inspire confidence in the team’s performance. For now, we think that Valiant might have a slight edge over the Fusion, especially cause of the inconsistent nature of the Fusion matches.

Our pick : Los Angeles Valiant
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