[OW 2018 OVERWATCH CONTENDERS NA SEASON 3] Mayhem Academy vs Kungarna

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2018 Overwatch Contenders NA Season 3 - 2019 - Wednesday 02 - 7:00 pm change timezone
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The Mayhem Academy will take on Kungarna in the opening matches of the NA Contenders Season3. Mayhem Academy has several well-known players on their team. Some of these players are from previous seasons OWL. Players like Manneten, FCTFCTN are experienced at the highest levels of the game. They have had their own share of glory and by no means are below others in terms of skill. However, it is the synergy and coordination on this team which will need a necessary uplift in performance.

Their opponents for this match are Kungarna, a team that has carved its way from the bottom of the scene. While we have seen several iterations of this roster, the current roster includes players such as InsomniaQ and Duplicate. The team is relatively an amateur team which relies heavily on its synergy and unique team composition to win fights. They do not have the experience as is present on Mayhem Academy. While they are skilledd and can present a really strong force on their given day, consistency is an issue.

Our pick : Mayhem Academy
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