[OW 2018 OVERWATCH CONTENDERS KR SEASON 3] Runaway vs KongDoo Panthera

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2018 Overwatch Contenders KR Season 3 - 2019 - Saturday 05 - 1:00 am change timezone
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Kongdoo Panthera is one of the storied organisations in Korean Overwatch. The team has helped almost all of its former players move into the Overwatch League. They have a knack for scouting and developing young rising talent into strong contenders. As we head into the new season, Kongdoo Panthera has found new players and see players such as Agatha coming into their own on their performance. The team secured second place in the Contenders 2018: Season 2 Korea. It was a very close series where they lost 2-3 to none other than Runaway.

Coming into this match Runaway are the favourites, however, they do not have a huge lead over their opponents. After all, they barely won Season 2 [ Contenders 2018 ] over Kongdoo Panthera. It was a very close series, one which saw Runaway take home the title. For this match, we will still go with Runaway since they have been together for a long time and have better synergy.

Our pick : Runaway
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