[OW 2018 OVERWATCH CONTENDERS NA SEASON 3] Uprising Academy vs First Generation

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- 1969 - Wednesday 31 - 7:00 pm change timezone
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Uprising Academy is a relatively new team with little to no experience. Even the players are very amateur. While they have proven themselves of sorts on other rosters, they have not had a single match together. In a game like Overwatch where synergy can mean the difference between a victory or a loss;l this is a big disadvantage for the team.

On the other hand, we have First Generation which recently finished in the 3-4th position in Jayne’s Tournament of Future Champions 2. The team managed a very suitable run through teams like Underwater Squad and Mirage Sports Electronique. The team has played together for quite some time and are definitely showing us signs of a formidable lineup. With what little data we do have on our hands, a bet on First Generation seems to be the obvious choice.

Our pick :

We recommend a bet on First Generation for this match.

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