Rift Rivals – NA vs EU Predictions

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It’s that time of year, Rift Rivals – NA vs EU is back, regions get bashing and battling to see who truly is the superior region.

Will NA be full of salt or will the EU fans have to use the excuse of “well, most of your teams are European or Korean anyway” – all will be decided this week!

With that, comes plenty of opportunities to analyse teams and games to predict who will win each clash. The teams sent is decided based on which three teams ended top of the standing last split. Representing EU will be: Fnatic, G2 and Splyce. While, NA will be represented by Team Liquid, 100Thieves and Echo Fox.

The first two days (Thursday and Friday) will have the group stage. Each team will play every team in the other region, which is a total of three games for each team (9 games over the two days).

In the final (on Saturday the 7th of July), the teams will participate in a relay race and play one team in a best of 5, but more on that later. Let’s look at the first day of the group stages.



It’s always interesting when regions collide, because there will be such a variety of styles and strategies played against each other. In EU, FNC have recently been running the “goon squad”, forfeiting an ADC for a more bruiser heavy team comp. They recently lost to G2, who ran their funnel comp. EF have been a little more varied, but with less success. They’ve favoured special picks, like Yasuo, rather than a clear strategy. It’s worth noting that while they’ve gone 1-1 in the last two weeks, their wins were against teams like C9 and Golden Guardians. Huni could go off for EF and carry them to a victory, but the same could be said for Caps, so this still seems FNC favoured.  

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FNC winning is at a 1.50 return

EF is at 2.40


While they placed third last split, SPY have not found much success yet this split until this last week. They managed to beat both H2K and Roccat (but neither of those teams are powerhouses). Meanwhile, TL is still one of NA’s top teams. Yes, they lost to Clutch Gaming last week, but before that they took down EF, TSM and CLG. One of the key picks for them has been Irelia mid and a carry for Doublelift (ideally Kai’sa or Xayah). If SPY can take away some of these champions they may have a better chance, but most likely this game will go TL’s way.

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1.55 for a TL win

2.30 for SPY

100T vs G2

G2 are so far undefeated in the summer split of EU LCS. They have mainly been running the funnel comp and to great success. Even when people have tried to ban away some ingredients, they have always had backup champions to fill those gaps. Besides Perkz being a great carry on Kai’sa/Lucian/Xayah, Hjarnan has been stellar on Heimerdinger and should he get his hands on that champion, then this game might as well be over in champ select. G2 are heavily favoured, especially since 100T recently switched their jungler with FLY, which means they will be working out how to play together as a new 5 man roster.

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G2 is only at 1.35

2.95 if 100T manage to win


This is quite a tight match as neither team has really lived up to their last split so far. My instinct would lean towards EF. I think individually they have the stronger players and in basically every lane match-up. While Odoamne usually can handle carry toplaners like Huni, and has handled Huni in the past, he hasn’t yet been at the level expect of him. This coupled with Kobbe looking uncomfortable going outside of the marksman champions, means that SPY overall looks weaker. It could even be that this game is decided by the Dardoch vs Xerxe matchup, Xerxe being another player than hasn’t shone in the same way as he did back when he was on UOL.

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EF winning is at 1.80 return

SPY is at 1.90

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