Riot Games Extends the Echo Fox Deadline by Another Seven Days

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Echo Fox Investor, Amit Raizada is under the spotlight for using the N-word in an email exchange with Jace Hall. Jace is a former CEO of Echo Fox and Head Custodian of Twin Galaxies. According to Richard Lewis’ report on Dexerto, this was not an isolated usage of the word. The shareholder in question has had multiple racially insensitive incidents in the past. He also threatened Rick Fox’s family according to this report

Rick’s letter to the shareholders announcing his departure from the organization if Amit Raizada remained a part of the organization triggered a series of responses in the community. Riot Games interfered very soon, granting Echo Fox a period of 60 days to remove the shareholder in question. The inability to do so would put Echo Fox’s position in the LCS under question. 

Rick Fox Writes a Letter to All Stakeholders in Echo Fox

Rick Fox in an interview
Former Basketball player, Rick Fox is instrumental to the development and formation of fo Echo Fox

Rick Fox’s letter came as an eye-opener to the Echo Fox organization. The rampant spread of racism, mostly emanating from a singular shareholder was not in line with the company’s policies. 


This is an official notification of my intention to exit the Echo Fox organization as a shareholder and participant as soon as I am able to facilitate a transaction to do so. The recent outrageous and abhorrent display of pure racism made by a significant Echo Fox shareholder as well as threats to my family have made it impossible for me to continue to remain associated with the company.


I will not support or be associated with such behaviour and attitudes at the shareholder level. Racism is an anathema to what my personal brand strives for and tolerating any form of discrimination such as this is not acceptable.


This notification serves as the beginning process of exiting the company. I will be contacting all relevant and interested people. My position in the GP and the entity that owns my shares are available. Depending on the proposal there are different ways to structure a deal, acquire my entity, swap positions, etc. Interested parties can contact me. I’m moving on the first deal that sits well.”

Rick Fox is instrumental in the formation and rebranding of Echo Fox. He has been an integral part of the Echo Fox organization and a strong proponent of esports to the mainstream media. His involvement in Echo Fox is crucial to its working as well as its brand image. 

Echo Fox Statement

Echo Fox Logo
Riot Games has given an ultimatum to Echo Fox to sever ties with Mr. Amit Raizada

The organization was quick to provide an update on the situation following the community backlash. The statement further reinforced the organization’s stand with regards to racism and any insensitive statements. 

There have been incidents in recent weeks in which a limited partner of the Echo Fox organization, who is not an employee, officer or director of Echo Fox, used a racial epithet towards individuals both verbally and via email. One such incident was detailed in media accounts today. And although that incident was not directed towards an employee, officer, member or shareholder of Echo Fox, racial intolerance connected to Echo Fox is entirely unacceptable. There have been other reported incidents where the shareholder in question used this same vile language towards Rick Fox personally.


These incidents are especially significant for us as Echo Fox boasts an unparalleled level of diversity in its principal ownership group, management, leadership and player base. Upon being made aware of the incidents, the Company has made various demands to the offending investor, including the investor’s disassociation from the company and we are continuing to work diligently towards this end. 

The company initiated various options to disassociate themselves from the said Amit Raizada. Of course, being an investor in such a high post would present several difficulties for the company to restructure its board. 

Riot Games’ Ultimatum to Echo Fox

Mr. Rick Fox
Rick Fox will stay with Echo Fox and work with them in removing Amit Raizada

Riot Games stepped in and granted Echo Fox a period of 60 days to part ways with Mr. Amit Raizada. Failure to do so could potentially result in Echo Fox losing its spot in the LCS. The lucrative spot in the LCS Franchise receives a lot of interest from various organizations. Echo Fox would find it extremely difficult to find an inroad into organized esports if it lost its LCS spot. 

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The sixty-day grace period came to an end on July 15th, 2019. Echo Fox has still not announced its disassociation with the investor in question. 

A Deadline Extension


On July 15th, Riot Games announced an update extending the time period by another seven days. This extension comes after talks with the Echo Fox organization and keeping track of the progress. 

Echo Fox’s future depends on whether they can part ways with Mr. Amit Raizada. An esports organization with big names associated with it does not have any place for racism. This extends from the top of the organization to the very bottom. Echo Fox is a well-known brand in esports and it is sad to see Racism at such a high tier in the organization. 

Rick Fox, the brand’s public ambassador and a great proponent for the development of esports are willing to stay on Echo Fox. However, his stay depends on whether Amit Raizada is a part of the organization or not. A TMZ report mentions Rick’s willingness to continue with Echo Fox as long as Amit is not a part of the organization. Rick later confirmed that he will stay with Echo Fox and will work towards having Raizada removed from the organization. 

Amit Raizada
Amit Raizada, the controversial shareholder in question

It is unsure what will change in the next seven days. Riot’s deadline extension has evoked surprise and critical reactions from multiple community members. However, Riot has not changed its stance on Echo Fox’s participation in the LCS. Parting ways with a racist investor is a good step forward for Echo Fox as well as Esports in general. 

Echo Fox has until July 22, 2019, to take action against Mr. Amit Raizada. We will keep you updated with Echo Fox’s next course of action. 


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