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What’s Rivalry all about?

Rivalry.gg aims to become one of the big players in the esports betting world. They’ve burst on to the scene with a product that was clearly created by gamers and esports fans. They believe that watching esports is fun… but watching esports with a bet in play will take your experience from exciting to epic.

Why use Rivalry?


  • $1.50 free bet (no deposit required)
  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Can bet on CS:GO, Dota, Overwatch, League of Legends, and more
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Fully licensed by the Isle of Man Gaming Supervision Commission
  • $0.50 minimum bets
  • Earn up to $350 in bonuses with their VIP Club

What sucks about Rivalry?

It was tough to find things to complain about, but we do have a few:

  • Smaller Deposit Bonuses – A lot of their competitors offer huge deposit bonuses. But if you’ve tried to take advantage of these, you realize that there are usually a few catches. You have to deposit a large amount, win a certain number of bets, or something else. Rivalry has smaller bonuses but at least there’s no fine print you have to pay attention to.
  • Not Everyone Can Bet – Since Rivalry is fully-licensed, they must comply with very tight regulations. If you’re in a region where online gambling is not allowed, you won’t be able to use Rivalry. No amount of VPN’ing will help you.
  • No In-House Cryptocurrency – A few betting sites are creating and distributing their own cryptocurrencies to help customers to avoid friction when depositing. Rivalry does not have these. When I asked them about this, they said that they’d rather customers use standard currency so they’re gambling on esports matches instead of gambling on the value of a cryptocurrency. It’s a bit risky to buy $100 worth of a crypto to deposit with when it could be worth $50 the next day.

Free Bet for New Customers – No BS

Everyone is a bit hesitant to try out a new site. To help break the ice, they’re offering all new customers a free $1.50 to bet with. You don’t even need to deposit to get this bonus.

All you have to do is sign up, confirm you’re in an acceptable region, and the $1.50 is all yours! to bet!


Focused on Esports Fans

A lot of sportsbooks are mostly focused on traditional sports but have added esports as a way to grow. Since esports are still relatively small compared to traditional sports, the esports division of these companies doesn’t get a lot of love and attention.

Rivalry is the exact opposite. It has been created by esports fans, for esports fans. Everything about the experience is catered towards gamers and fans of the competitive scenes.

VIP Club

Rivalry also have a VIP Rewards Club where you are boost your earnings up to $350 in bonuses. And what’s great is that there really are no catches or strings attached.

All you have to do is:

  • Join Rivalry with VIP code EBT
  • Become a VIP Member
  • Unlock missions to earn $350

Rivalry is an operator who is looking to bring something new to the betting scene and this promotion shows that they are up for the challenge. The questions is, are you?

Transforming a Shady Industry

If you’re familiar with the gaming scene, you are probably familiar with the controversies and scams that surround them. Many sites offer skins or cryptocurrency deposits, backed by no license. This presents a risk for customers doing something that may be against their local laws.

It’s also possible that the site itself will get shut down by a governing body, freezing the assets (your balances) of the company.

Rivalry is looking to create a safe, trusted place to bet on matches. They don’t want their customers to have to worry about losing their balances. And they did more than talk the talk, they walked the walk. They worked for nearly a year with the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission to acquire a license to make sure they and their players are protected.

More than Just Betting

While betting is their core offering, they aim to be much more than “just another betting site”. They have a team that’s focused on creating, finding, and sending you amazing content. You can check out their YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for a look at some of their stuff.

Learn All About Betting

Rivalry wants to provide casual esports fans with a way to spice up their viewing experience. They realize that betting can be an intimidating thing and as such, have created a Betting 101 section of their site to help you understand the basics.

24/7 Live Chat / Customer Service

Questions about betting? Need help using their site? Just want to talk with someone? They offer 24/7 live chat to make sure that you’re not alone in your esports journey.


We had a lot of fun using the site and betting on matches. Even just $2 on a match made it that much more fun to watch. With their $1.50 free bet offering, there’s no harm in signing up, trying it out, and see if you enjoy it.

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