Royal Never Give Up are going to TI 9

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Today was the final day for the Chinese qualifiers and we got to see tons of actions going on. In the end, it was all between two very strong teams – CDEC Gaming and Royal Never Give up, which gave it all out in an epic best-of-five series.

Both of the finalists already played two times against each other before. The first one was during the group, whereas the second was in the first round of the playoffs. In fact, CDEC completely ripped through RNGU in the first round after the group stage. Having said that, many people expected that the same will happen in the Final but they were wrong. That’s why it is essential to read various betting analysis before you decide to place your money. Head over to our predictions section where we put daily predictions about some of the hottest games of the day.

The Grand Final

It was very clear since this amazing series began that neither team wanted to give up. In fact, they pretty much threw everything they have at each other. Having said that, the last game of the series was probably one of the biggest thrillers we`ve seen this season.

CDEC controlled the game since it began and starting to pressure RNGU in their base. In addition, they had an Ursa who managed to snatch an early aegis, which made things even worse for Monet and Co. However, little did CDEC know, Royal Never Give Up lived up to their name and fought back fearlessly, despite the odds. In the end, after yet another mistake and needless overextend, RNGU were able to deliver their knock-out punch.


To be fair, Royal Never Give Up didn’t really have the best DPC season at all. In fact, they only managed to qualify for a handful of events. Even when they did end up in them, their performance was clearly not at the same level as the rest. However, one thing is clear – they improved a lot as a team since the start, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

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