Team Secret Win their First Dota 2 Major at DreamLeague Season 13.

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Team Secret won their first DPC event for the season after an exciting and thrilling victory over Evil Geniuses. The series went to 5 games, but Team Secret surged ahead in the final game-winning $300,000 and 4850 DPC points. This victory confirms their presence at The International 2020 in Stockholm. 

The DreamLeague Leipzig Major was the first Major following the Outlanders Update, which introduced several new features and mechanics to Dota 2. Despite community criticism of the update, professional matches have been exciting and the Leipzig Major was witness to some high-level gameplay. 

Evil Geniuses Take an Early Lead in Game 1

The first game saw Abed pick up his trademark Templar Assassin for the mid lane. Evil Geniuses played the mind-games allowing Team Secret to pick up the IO, one of the most reliable supports in the current meta. However, Team Secret players are not famous for their IO playstyle and Evil Geniuses exploited this weakness to the full. Team Secret’s IO pick was more of a deny pick rather than playing to their strengths.

Arteezy was playing the Razor and together with Abed, the EG cores looked too strong for Team Secret. 

Team Secret Tie the Series with a Meepo Pick

The DreamLeague Season 13 Trophy

The second game saw the first Meepo of the series, and it was not Abed. Team Secret chose the Meepo for their mid-lane player Nisha. Abed, one of the best Meepo players in Dota 2, tried to contest Abed’s farm by invading his jungle; however, Meepo still found the space and the farm necessary for a quick Ethereal Blade. He built two Skadis and quickly had a bigger mana pool than Abed’s Outworld Destroyer. 


Yapzor’s Skywraith Mage also played a significant role in Team Secret’s victory in Game 2. He rushed a Rod of Atos and was dominant in the laning phase and later in the mid-game. He could solo kill the void, applying adequate pressure on the enemy core. In the end, Meepo was just too strong for Evil Geniuses and it was a one-sided victory for Team Secret. 

Yapzor’s Lion Could Not Stop Abed’s Storm Spirit in Game 4.

Abed’s Storm Spirit in Game 3 ran rampant across the enemy lines. Despite Team Secret picking up heroes like Lion hoping to shut down Storm Spirit, they could not control Abed’s Storm Spirit.

Evil Geniuses put on an impressive show at the Major

Abed played a relatively passive game, focussing on getting essential items before going into the battlefield. His movement choices made it impossible for Yapzor’s Lion to lock him down. A lucky regeneration rune also helped Evil Geniuses to secure Game 3 and take the lead in the Grand Finals of the DreamLeague Major. 

The Greedy Support Yapzor Shines in Game 4. Team Secret Tie the Series 2-2. 

Team Secret gave Matumbaman his signature Morphling while Nisha played the Leshrac in the mid-lane. After staying safe till level 6, Leshrac out-scaled and forced TA out of the lane. Leshrac is one of the few counters to Templar Assassin and Abed could never find a way back into the game against his counterpart. 

Game 4 was a relatively low-action game, but it was mostly because Evil Geniuses recognized they could not go on the tanky Team Secret heroes. As they focussed on Leshrac, Matumbaman’s Morphling quickly rose to his full potential after getting several important items. Puppey and co. tied the series 2-2. 

Team Secret Dominate EG in Game 5, Win DreamLeague Major

Team Secret Won The DreamLeague Season 13 Major

The final game of the series once again saw Nisha dominantly win the mid lane. Team Secret support Yapzor played a crucial role in shutting down Viper in the early game and Viper could never recover from the initial shock. 

Team Secret’s dominance continued through to the end of the game, eventually resulting in the DreamLeague Season 13Major victory. Viper’s two early deaths forced him away from the lane and he was never a big impact in the game in the later phases. Kunka got several of the kills on Viper, giving him the experience and the gold lead in the mid-lane.

Meanwhile, Matumabaman continued farming on his Phantom Lancer, quietly but surely, adding more and more items to his inventory. As Team Secret extended their lead over Evil Geniuses, never letting go sight of the final prize, Puppey once again led his team to a Dota 2 Major victory.

It was an incredible moment for Matumbaman, who is the latest addition to Team Secret. 

With this victory, Team Secret earns 4850 DPC points and $300,000 in prize money. It almost guarantees them are almost an invitation to The International 2020 that will take place in Stockholm. 

The Dota Pro Circuit will resume with the StarLadder IMBATV Dota 2 Minor that will take place from March 5-8th 2020. 

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