A Small $25k Online Event Before TI 9

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With each day, The International 2019 is slowly closing in. All teams are now set which means that the only thing left for us is to sit and wait for the tournament to begin. Having said that, TI 9 is probably one of the best tournaments in terms of betting. There will be plenty of amazing games for you to try your luck.

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However, until the event begins, you can try your luck in the upcoming small online tournament. The tournament itself will feature a decently sized prize pool of $25,000. In addition, there will be a total of ten teams from CIS and Europe which will be fighting for it.

Even though this is a good chance for you to try your luck in betting, you should be careful because the CIS teams are one of the most unpredictable, especially when it comes down to events of this caliber. Having said that, you can always check our daily predictions if you are having troubles choosing the right team.

The event starts today, however, the winner will be announced on August 14th.


Nine out of the 10 teams have been directly invited. On the contrary, the other had to earn their spot through the closed qualifier which took place yesterday.

Here is the list of all teams:

  • FlyToMoon
  • Team Empire
  • Unique Team
  • Nemiga Gaming
  • PRIEST Gaming
  • Hippomaniacs
  • Wind and Rain

As you can see, there are definitely some very interesting names which will be playing here. At first glance, FlyToMoon, Team Empire and Hippomaniacs are definitely the strongest teams. However, it is possible that there will be some surprises so be careful.

The prize pool’s distribution will be as follows:

1st place: $15,000
2nd place: $6,250
3rd place: $2,500
4th place: $1,250

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