CSGO and TF2’s Source Code Leak Compromises Users’ Security

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The source code for Valve’s CS:GO and Team Fortress 2 has leaked to the public. Players are afraid the leak will result in advanced cheats and exploits, including serious exposure to security risks. 

What Does This Mean for CS:GO Players?

The Source code leak exposes CS:GO and TF2to security risks. Hackers can theoretically take control over your computer’s files. They can also use your computer to try out new hacks, a potentially dangerous and illegal situation. 

According to PCGamesN, popular TF2 community servers such as Creators.TF and Red Sun have already suspended operations and advised their users to stay away from launching TF2. 


Tyler McVicker denies leaking the source code in his discord group and blames a third party for the leak. However, the source code is now in the public domain could spell trouble for CS:GO players. 

Hackers can Remote Code execute to run any code from your computer, including viruses. Image Credit: Jungle_CS Twitter

We recommend CS:GO and TF2 players to avoid playing the game, at least until Valve issues a public statement. 

What Will Valve Do After the Source Code Leak?

Valve has been working on developing the Source 2 code for some time now. According to reports earlier this year, Valve will push Source 2 for CS:GO soon. However, with the latest leak, Valve might look to push their release timeline. 

If Valve pushes Source 2 sooner than later, it would be due to a security concern than updating the game. The Source code leak is from 2017. While the game has seen multiple updates since then, the additional public domain information can still lead to the development of better hacks, which could prove too much for Valve Anti-Cheat. 

CS:GO’s Loss is VALORANT’s Gain

The source code leak will force several players to stay away from the game. With two of Valve’s FPS games affected by this source code exploit, CS:GO players may turn to Riot Games’ VALORANT to satisfy their FPS needs. 

Riot Games’ VALORANT has had a successful launch with over 100 million of hours on Twitch. With Riot Games’ backing, VALORANT has the potential to challenge CS:GO’s dominance in the FPS esports landscape. 

For now, CS:GO and TF2 players should refrain from playing the games, at least until Valve issues an official statement. 

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