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Sadly, the last Minor of this DPC season has ended. As expected, the two strongest teams were able to get the first two spots, which means that we will be seeing them in just a few days at the EPICENTER Major. It’s important to note that NiP has already secured their spot for TI while Alliance will have to get a decent amount of DPC points in order to do so.

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Let’s take a look at what happened in the Grand Final.

Game one

Alliance was definitely the better team in the first game of this amazing series. They pretty much ripped through their enemies as Troll Warlord and Queen of Pain were unstoppable. NiP had some chances after trying to smoke several times. Unfortunately for PPD and his team-mates, their efforts did not result in anything more significant than a couple of pickoffs.

After 45 minutes of epic action, NiP had no other choice but to GG out and prepare themselves for the second game

Game Two

The second game of the series was a pretty much one-man show from Fata. His incredible skills with Mirana were the main reason for the quick annihilation of the Swedish squad. In fact, he finished the game with a staggering 17-1-13 stats, which is by far the best KDA ratio in the event.

This game was a clear message that NiP definitely have no intentions in losing this series, even though they’ve already qualified for TI 9.

Game three

Nearly the same happened in the third game of the series. NiP had a comfortable lead but Alliance did eventually bounce back. What’s more, they even had the lead and the entire situation started to look pretty grim for ppd and co. Luckily, they managed to utilize some mistakes made by the Swedish squad, which ultimately gave them the win and a lead in this amazing series.

Game Four

With their backs against the wall, Alliance had to make something happen if they wanted to survive. Fortunately, qoijva and Co. had an amazing game with tons of back-and-forth action going on.

Even though NiP controlled the game nearly the entire time, the Swedish team never gave up. Eventually, NiP did several crucial mistakes, which led to spending a couple of buybacks. That’s where the situation started to look pretty grim for them because Alliance had an advantage. After losing yet another team fight, NiP had no other choice but to prepare themselves for the fifth game of the series.

The Final Game

The final game was everything we expected it to be. And what a better hero to and the epic event than Ace’s Meepo, which is nearly always successful. In fact, he needed just around 20 minutes in order to take full control of the game. Alliance tried to fight back with their TA and Void but Meepo was way too big to deal with. He had four items and around 3k HP, which was just too much for qoijva and his team-mates, which lacked a lot of damage due to the slow start.

Having no way to deal with Ace, Alliance had no other choice but to call GG.

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