Summing up TyLoo and Peacemaker discussion over the Boston Major and teams stickers situation

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Valve and ELEAGUE announced the new major format at the beginning to December.

TyLoo struggled and eventually gave up their spot after fighting for more than one year to finally reach the Major.

It’s time to analyze the situation with a quick resume and then study how organizers can avoid this kind of situation for the next major. Let’s first understand what happened?

The Problem

On December 13th, Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand said that he won’t be able to attend to the ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 after having his Visa request for the United States of America was denied.

And this is where the problems started for TyLoo as according to ELEAGUE rulebook the only person allowed to replace the player was their ex-coach, Luis ‘Peacemaker’ Tadeu that is working for Heroic as now.

A solution presented itself soon after this announcement, the organization announced that they reached out to Heroic and Luis to make a deal so they would be able to play in the Major with ‘peacemaker’ as their fifth player. 

You guessed it, this brief wave of tranquility was short lived as Valve released the new team stickers and player signatures.

As ‘peacemaker’ didn’t received his in-game sticker signature, he published on Twitter that it wasn’t decided if he would play for the Chinese organization and they would have to forfeit their spot.

Hoping that after some negotiation and discuss over the who can claim the prize pool, the Chinese team announced that they would be forfeiting their spot and FLASH Gaming would step up.

A quick video that ‘peacemaker’ himself explains everything and where he clearly states that the organization didn’t want to have him playing for them anymore we can conclude is that this situation was between smoke and mirrors all time and this surely will impact TyLoo’s reputation.

The discussion between peacemaker and TyLoo continues, however how can we avoid this in future majors that will follow the new format?

Solving Visa Problems

From now on, teams from Asia and the CIS region will all be receiving stickers as they will be considered part of the major. That being said, countries like Indonesia itself have problems with a lot of countries when it comes to getting approved visas.


The easiest solution is having majors in less restrictive countries:

  • Sweden that will receive the third edition of Dreamhack Masters Malmo this year.
  • Germany who will  host one of the biggest annual events in the CS:GO pro scene, ESL One Cologne.
  • Poland, that also is host for multiple events in esports, including the annual IEM Katowice and last year for the second CSGO major of 2017, PGL Major Krakow.

The USA are not likely to abandon their actual policies anytime soon. How many more teams will forfeit the chances to play in Majors?

The Organizers

With such difficulty securing a visa for event, it’s surprising that Valve even considered selected organizers ELEAGUE once again to hold a Major.

We surely would love to see a major in hands of StarLadder that have been hosting their annual StarSeries event in Kiev for the past three years and probably they will host another in 2019.

EPICENTER is another choice that just had the second edition of the event last year in St. Petersburg.

One last option is picking FACEIT, that currently organize the ECS events and so far has been doing it successfully and have reported that they are already sending proposals to Valve regarding to their own Major pitch.

Let’s not limit ourselves to organizers who already hosts CS:GO tournaments as Valve can also try to bring some of their DOTA 2 partners to the scene if they feel that this is needed.

TyLoo and Peacemaker Future

It’s too early to say if TyLoo and their ex-coach will just blush this incident aside and end any relationship they had as both reputations are on the line here.

An organization that prefers to forfeit than give their players an opportunity to shine, even if they were pretty much the favorites to quit the New Challengers Stage with a 0 – 3 record. They have a lot of experience behind them that will aid them this year to stand aloneside favorites Renegades to get the Asia Qualifier spots.

While peacemaker isn’t the most loved figure in the community he won people over in this discussion after his explanation.  Let’s see how long he will last!

The Player Autographs and Team Sticker situation

One last talking point is the sticker situation – TyLoo’s ELEAGUE Boston Major stickers are now unavailable. 

Valve have removed TyLoo’s stickers and replaced them with Flash Gaming stickers hence the current tag-price is anywhere between $100 and player gold autographs over $300 in the Steam Community Market

The biggest reason for the price increase is they are now extremely rare item on the Steam community market.

The question here however is about the player signatures – why couldn’t Valve add signatures for ‘Peacemaker’ and ‘Zews’, Team Liquid coach and stand-in for ‘steel’ during the Boston Major?

As peacemaker himself said in his Twitter:

Valve collects the coach signature that supposedly would be used if he has to step up for his team. 

This is not a case without precedents as NiP’s coach ‘THREAT’ also had his signature denied back in MLG Columbus 2016.

In a case like TyLoo, where the coach no longer works for the organization, it’s a big deal breaker as his main payment would come from the autograph money – or in case of Liquid the coach won’t be receiving a sticker.

Instead in his place a player that is no longer with the organization got his autograph and unless he has some kind of contract with the team, he will be receiving money while not even being a player for the team.

Of course, we expect Valve to someday address this properly but so far these are their rules!

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