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With less than two weeks until the biggest tournament of the year, the hype is getting bigger and bigger. Soon, we will be able to watch the most interesting tournament of the year. However, for the fellow esports betters out there, watching is not going to be enough. Having said that, here are some of our top picks for the upcoming tournament which might turn out to be very profitable options for your bets. Of course, keep it in mind that every single big Dota 2 tournament has its meta and uniqueness. This means that it is possible to see some surprises.

Top picks

Team Secret

It is really hard to find a team as dominant as the current Team Secret in the history of Dota. Apart from winning nearly all tournaments that they’ve played in, Puppey and Co. are playing nearly flawlessly every single time. That’s why if there is one time which we think has the biggest chance, this has to be Team Secret.
However, during their last tournament, we saw some signs of weakness as they were eliminated just after the Group Stage. This just has to show that they are also humans and it is possible to lose.

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Team Liquid

The second team on this list is the immortal Team Liquid. Kuroky and his team-mates have been considered to be one of the most consistent Dota 2 teams in the history of the game. In fact, they did not change their roster for nearly two years, which is a record on its own. However, after their recent results, they decided that it is time to do some changes.

One of their core players – Matumbaman – was put on the bench for an unknown period of time. Of course, a player of his calibre could not just stand there and do nothing, so he decided to join forces with MiSeRy and his team. With him out of the way, Team Liquid decided to add w33ha to their roster, a player who is notable for playing some of the hardest heroes in professional Dota.

So far, this choice seems to be good as Team Liquid had a fantastic Major run just around a month ago. However, we are yet to see if they will be able to bring their A-game for TI 9 as well.  All in all, this is definitely one of the best choices when it comes down to putting your money.

Vici Gaming


The third team on our list is the Chinese powerhouse Vici Gaming. Paparazzi and his team-mates have always been a somewhat unstable team due to their results. Sometimes they are playing like the best team in the world, whereas in others, they are a mere shadow of their former glory. Having said that, when they are on fire, they are definitely one of the best betting options. Luckily, this current situation looks to be very good for them, which is why we decided to put them on this list.

Vici Gaming’s recent performance has been very good. In fact, they managed to win several events in a row, which is a clear sign that they are on the right path.






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