Team Secret – Why are they your best chance of winning?

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Team Secret (to be called TS in this article) was originally made up of players from Natus Vincere, Fnatic, and Alliance, who formed a team in the post-TI4 shuffle.

The team was announced to be participating in various tournaments, but without an official roster.

In 2016, the team also expanded into other games, sponsoring the all-female Counter Strike: Global Offensive team WeRunThisPlace, who won the ladies’ event at the IEM World Championship, and Korean Street Fighter pro gamer Lee Chung Gon (Poongko).

After achieving no major tournament victories by May 2017, and after being knocked out in the first round of the Kiev Major, Team Secret replaced pieliedie with YapzOr, moving Puppey to the 5 position.

While their results were considerably better they still did not get a direct invite to The International 2017.

After making it through the European qualifiers, Team Secret was knocked out of TI 7 by eventual champion Team Liquid in a tense 2-1 series, finishing in 9th-12th place. During the following roster shuffle, KheZu and MP were replaced by Ace and FATA- in September 2017. 

The squad is well known for their dota strategy of stifling their opponents by securing an early advantage with mid lane heroes crushing the enemy while out-farming the enemy. 

If you want to know more about Team Secret,  you can visit their website.

Performance after the Pro Circuit announcement

After TI and the new Pro Circuit introduction by Valve, TS were constantly improving up to a point, where people safely call them the best team in the world right now.

In the first tournaments of the new season they were a bit shaky, but that was expected, because they had just changed their roster once again and needed the time to adapt and overcome the differences between the players.

At StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3 they managed to go trough the groups but in the end lost to the winner of the tournament – Team Liquid. At the PGL Minor Team Secret did not perform as well and ended up losing in the group stages, which was a bit disappointing for their fans.

However, the best was still to come…

Their first outburst was at the ESL One Hamburg, where they were first in their group, following into a win over the best team at that time and the TI champion – Team Liquid. However, in the finals, they felt short to the CIS Powerhouse Virtus.Pro.

Nevertheless, this tournament was a clear sign to all teams that Team Secret are definitely back and are a force to be reckoned with.

After missing DotaPit, TS took part in the Perfect World Master’s held in Shanghai.

Their performance was not the best, which resulted in an early ticket home. It is important to note that only the ESL One hamburg was a Major tournament, while the others were Minors, which meant that TS still managed to obtain a lot of points which are needed in order to get a direct invite to TI 8.

The second major of the year was DreamLeague Season 8, which was held in Sweden.

Despite not being the favorites for the tournament, Team Secret delivered an outstanding performance and managed to silent all their haters who were underestimating them.

They lost only one game the entire tournament and even managed to beat the TI 7 Champions two times, including a classic 3-0 victory in the finals.

Managing to win a major and finishing second in another one, Team Secret are looking pretty confident in their road to TI8 and decided not to attend the next two minors – MDL Macau and the Summit 8.

Despite that, they are first in the official rankings, which means that they will most likely get a direct invite for TI8, even though there are still a lot of tournaments to be played.

I once used a saying which is really popular in Dota – “A team is as good as his last game”.

This is certainly true, and the first tournament of the year surely proves it. Captain’s Draft 4.0 took place in Washington, DC and featured one of the best teams in the world. Team Secret managed to get to the finals where they met the Chinese powerhouse – Vici Gaming.

The final games were really exciting to watch, because they features some amazing comebacks.

In the first game TS the did the impossible by managing to snatch the win after an impressive play and the same thing happened again in the 4th game.

Team Secret were around 15k gold lead behind but after some amazing fights they managed to kill Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun’s Morphling and with no one to defend their base against the Medusa and Ember spirit, GG was called one hour into the game.

Gaining momentum to achieve such an amazing comeback, in the last game Team Secret did an interesting draft and laning – they did an aggro late bottom with Shadow Fiend, Jakiro and Ancient Apparition.

Having Meepo in their team, TS managed to play good around him and had the lead the entire game, which ultimately led them to the victory.

They claimed $108,000 and 150 Pro Circuit Points.

Need more convincing? Check out the latest results from the Captain Drafts tournament:

Final Thoughts

Team Secret is a trusty and overall stable team, which can earn you good money if you take the leap of faith and believe in them.

Their performance, especially in the big tournaments is undoubtedly flawless and if you take the chance you will surely not regret it. However, you also have to be on the lookout in case you bet against them, because this may result in a loss.

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