Team Secret made their very own Beer

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As we know, Team Secret is one of the strongest Dota 2 teams in the world. However, the organization now has a couple of other teams in various games, which means that they definitely came a long way since they originally entered the esports scene. However, it looks like they want to expand even further after their most recent announcement.


The sponsors are one of the most vital parts of any sport worldwide. This definitely applies to esports as well because, without sponsors, the prize pools will be nowhere as big as they are. Having said that, most of the top companies usually tend to sign different branding contracts. Well, Team Secret is a little bit different because as of today, they are the world-first esports organization that launched their very own beverage – beer!

It seems like beer branding is a trend in esports nowadays. In fact, there are more and more alcoholic beverage brands that just started to realize the potential of esports marketing. That said, Team Secret’s arrival at this stage definitely looks to be very promising.


The name of Secret’s product is AFK and it got first revealed during TI 9 in Shanghai, China. According to some Reddit users, the beer actually tastes pretty good, which probably explains why just a couple of weeks after the event, the product can be purchased.

According to the official statement, AFK is crafted by the master artisans at Levante Brewery. “With its unique expression of Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, AFK forms a pillowy-soft haze from oats and wheat that will bring your tastebuds to life. … AFK is a craft beer label that personifies gaming culture.


Whether or not this will become the next trend in esports is still too early to say. One thing is certain – esports marketing is getting bigger and bigger with every single day.


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