Team Secret ripped through Virtus.Pro Prodigy in the ESL One Birmingham Online

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Despite being online, ESL One Birmingham has given us some of the most amazing Dota 2 series this year. As you know, the tournament is divided into different regions. However, it’s safe to say that the most interesting one is EU and CIS. 

There, the fans can watch some of the best teams in thee world, such as Virtus.Pro Prodigy and Team Secret. Those two teams had to go head to head for a spot in the Grand Final, where they will meet Alliance.

What happened?

[efsflexvideo type=”youtube” url=”” allowfullscreen=”yes” widescreen=”yes” width=”420″ height=”315″/]

To make a long story short, Team Secert absolutely swiped the floor with the CIS team. Although people expected this series to be close, it turned out a one-team show. Both of these teams have finished among hte tip four in the group stage, so people expected to see a very close battle.

Instead, right from the start, we clearly saw which was the better team. The European powerhouse gave their CIS colleagues no chance, although they didn’t perform that poorly in the first game.

Howeve, with one win behind their back, Team Secret was able to take advatage of their momentum and eliminated VPP.  Now, they will have to go toe to toe with none other than Alliance, one of the best teams in Europe right now.

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