Team Secret withdraw from Nanyang Season 2

July 4, 2016 | 0 | 1220

Team Secret is the third team to withdraw from the Nanyang Season 2 Championship, held in Shanghai China. This comes after the day before yesterday, when Evil Geniuses have announced that will also withdraw from the competition  due to visa issues for Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan. This is third team to drop out of the competition, after Fnatic announced in July that they will not attend the event due to similar visa issues.

The Nanyang Season 2 tournament is bound to start in two days and teams have been already eliminated, unfortunately by vise issues. Team Secret is the only team of the three that have cited ongoing issues regarding the event as the main reason for their withdraw.

Team Secret are the current title holders at the Nanyang event, when they managed to defeat Vici Gaming 3-2, in November 2015, in Singapore.

In May, Team Secret confirmed that they will defend their Nanyang title, but yesterday they have announced that due to ongoing issues regarding the event, the team had to unfortunately withdraw from the tournament, without giving any details.

Evil Geniuses and Fnatic visa issues

The string of withdraws has started on the 1st of July, when Fnatic announced that they can’t secure Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti’s visa.  In response Nanyang organizers have replaced the Malaysian team with LGD Gaming.

Two days ago, Evil Geniuses have also announced that due to issues with Sumail “SumaiL” Hassans vise they won’t be attending the event. This is the first time that Sumail has had issues with securing a visa to attend events, including their debut at the LAN DAC 2015 where they secured first place.

The event organizers, at the time, stated that they won’t seek a replacement for the North American team as the event will feature only six teams.

As of now, six teams – Newbee, Team Empire, Digital Chaos, WarriorsGaming.Unity, Wings, LGD Gaming remain ready to compete for the $250,000 prize pool July 6th-10th in Shanghai, China. Two Chinese teams will qualify still to round out eight teams.

nanyang championship

Nanyang Season 2 Championship


Nanyang is one the largest Dota 2 tournaments in the SEA region, originally featuring 8 of the world’s best Dota 2 teams, competing in Shanghai from the 6th until the 10th of July.

Nanyang is hosted and produce by Chinese organization KeyTV, a Shanghai-based eSports company that is notorious for their poor performance at organizing and running the Shanghai Major, that ultimately led to them being fired by Valve.

Nanyang Championships season 2 prize pool


  • 1st place: $100,000 + 12% ticket sales
  • 2nd place: $50,000 + 6% ticket sales
  • 3rd place: $25,000 + 3% ticket sales
  • 4th place: $10,000 + 2% ticket sales
  • 5-6th place: $7,500 + 1% ticket sales
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