Team Sirius has a new roster

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Team Sirus had all the potential to become one of the strongest teams in China. In fact, many people even expected them to be among the hidden favorites to win TI. However, this just did not happen.

Realizing the situation, the Chinese superstar Liu “Sylar” Jiajun has decided to change things for the better and left the team. That’s why the organization had to re-build it from the ground up. In fact, they only kept one of the support players from the previous roster. Despite that, their aim is once again to become one of the most dominant teams in China.


Here is the new Team Sirius roster from 1 to 5:


  • Lin ‘doodle’ Zikai
  • Deng ‘Dstones’ Lei
  • Hu ‘Guvara’ Sen
  • Xu ‘HYM’ Zhi
  • Cheng ‘Mad’ Han

As you can see, this new team is a good mixture of old and new players. That said, even the new players have some experience because they used to play a little bit in other top Chinese clubs such as Invictus Gaming, EHOME and Team Aster for example.

Unfortunately, two of the previous team members have not yet announced if they will be joining any teams. Yang ‘InJuly’ Xiadong and Li ‘ASD’ Zhiwen were one of the most promising Chinese players but they just could not live up to the expectations.

The same goes for Sylar. The legendary Chinese player will once again leave another Chinese roster and there is no official information regarding his future yet.

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