All teams are set for the last Minor of this DPC season

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After an incredible DPC season, it is time to focus on the last Minor for this DPC season. As you know, winning a Minor also provides a slot for the upcoming Major. This makes this tournament very important because the EPICENTER Major will be the last big event that will provide an insane amount of DPC points. Let’s take a look at all the participants from the different regions.

North America

The NA qualifiers were very interesting to watch because all four teams had a chance to get that spot. However, at the end of the day, CoL will be the one that will be going to Kiev. They had to deal with J.Storm in the Grand Final, which they won with a fairly easy 2-0.

South America

Team Anvorgesa will be the one that will go to Ukraine. The South American region is very interesting because there is always some new team that emerges and defeats the rest. In general, the region seems to be growing very rapidly, which means that we will be seeing more and more SA teams.


There will be two Europeans team in this Minor, with the first one being Ninjas in Pyjamas. PPD and Co. failed to qualify directly for EPICENTER, which means that they have to do it the hard way. However, as we saw a few weeks ago, they definitely have what it takes to do it again.

The second EU team is Alliance. They lost to NiP in the Upper Bracket of the playoffs. Regardless of that, they won 2-0 against The Final Tribe in the LB final, which gave them the second slot. Alliance is more than capable of upsetting the big names in Dota nowadays, which is why they are one of the riskiest teams to bet against.


Sadly, Na’Vi were unable to play at a DPC event yet again. On paper, their task was not that hard this time because all of the “better” CIS teams were no taking part in the qualifiers. However, Winstrike gaming was able to deliver their knock-out punch and eliminate the TI 1 champions.

It seems like this DPC season is over for the Ukranian powerhouse. Hopefully, we will be able to see a better Na’Vi in the future.


Similar to EU there will be two Chinese teams in Kiev. The first one is EHOME, one of the strongest teams when it comes down to Minors. Their performance has been pretty shaky throughout the season, even though they had a few bursts here and there. EHOME is capable of beating nearly any team right now, as long as they do not do their usual 322 mistakes.

The second team from China is Sylar’s new squad -Team Sirius. They earned their spot through the Lower Bracket after they’ve defeated Keen Gaming in the LB Grand Final.



The last team to attend the StarLadder Minor is Mineski. This was definitely expected because Mineski is one of the best teams in the region right now. They had little to no trouble dealing with their enemies in the qualifiers.


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