Team Secret Dominate OMEGA League Dota 2 Tournament

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Team Secret won OMEGA League: Europe Immortal after a dominant 3-0 victory over Team OG in the grand finals. This is Secret’s seventh straight Dota 2 title in the past few months. Puppey has cemented his team’s place as the best Dota 2 team in 2020 till now. 


The OMEGA League: Europe Immortal division started with twelve of the best Dota 2 teams. The teams played over several days in a round-robin group stage format before moving on to the double-elimination playoffs. Team Secret lost just two games in the entire tournament. One of the losses was against Team Liquid in the group stage while the second game loss was against OG in the upper bracket finals. Team Secret won both these matches with a 2-1 score. 

A Dominant Team Secret Performance

The first game was probably the most competitive of the series. OG’s draft had an early peak and Ceb and co. looked ready to win the game before Team Secret could get a foothold in the game. But Team Secret managed to hold on despite being at a huge disadvantage. OG’s Sven was not able to deal enough damage, partly due to the excellent itemization of the Secret players. Items like Lotus Orb, Solar Crests and Glimmer Capes provided enough ways for Team Secret to mitigate MidOne’s damage output.


Holding on for a long time, Secret managed to bring back OG’s lead near the 45-minute mark. Screengrab via


The second game looked even more one-sided for Team Secret. OG approached this game in a similar fashion compared to Game 1. The focus on a very early-game dominance, OG had the same gameplan. However, this time, Secret’s MATUMBAMAN was matched up against OG’s Ceb. The 1v1 matchup went in favor of MATUMBAMAN as he was able to kill Ceb twice in lane and push him off the lane. The subsequent free-farm saw Ceb finish the game with a 724 GPM as he remained largely uncontested. He ended the game with sixteen kills. Crucial to Secret’s victory was the last pick Outworld Devourer. Nisha’s last pick directly countered OG’s Troll pick. Outworld Devourer can burst Troll down from nearly half HP ease, often not giving Troll enough time to cast his ultimate. 


OG never had a lead in Game 2 and MATUMBAN’s free-farm saw Secret start a massive lead in the mid-late game. Screengrab via

Team Secret won Game 2 in 29 minutes, but the game was always going in their favor. 

The series went progressively worse for OG. At the highest levels of Dota 2, teams often pick heroes based on opponents’ strategies. OG tried to push a Sven mid, but Secret countered it with a Lone Druid mid-laner. Nisha played the safe-lane Ember Spirit in this game and had free farm in the lane. OG’s Windranger was not able to apply any pressure on the hero and even fed first blood to Nisha. 

Team Secret wins its Seventh Dota 2 Tournament


Team Secret has been dominating the Dota 2 scene for the past few months. In fact, the OMEGA League is Secret’s seventh consecutive tournament victory. With The International 10 postponed till at least 2021, Dota Pro Circuit has been indefinitely put on hold. 

Valve recently announced an update to the competitive scene which promises multiple third-party tournaments in the upcoming months. Valve expects the DPC to restart in 2021 and the next International event to take place in August 2021. 


Dota 2 fans can look forward to more Dota 2 action with the BTS Pro Series: North America Season 3 starting September 7. 

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