The 7.21 Patch Review: Movement speed, creep gold and multiple heroes

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Valve has released the 7.21 patch update following the Chongqing Major 2019. The new update comes after a detailed review of the professional playstyle during the Bucharest Minor and the Chongqing Major. Obviously, there were a few heroes that saw the excessive play, simply because of how strong they are in the 7.20 meta.

The new update brings about changes to multiple aspects of the game. From changes to items to various hero abilities receiving changes, Dota 2 is not the same. Creep Bounties are also lower meaning those last hits matter more. The significant of objectives is higher and it won’t be as easy to take down towers as in the previous meta.

Let’s take a look at the new update and how it will affect the professional scene in the coming months. The Qualifiers for the next Major, the Dreamleague Season 11 will showcase the meta for the 7.21 update.


  • Melee creeps average gold bounty reduced by 3
  • Range creeps upgrade cycle gold bounty increased from +3 to +6

This change will affect the overall net-worth and pace of the game. With melee creep bounty reduced by 3, it means that we will see slower item times. It has a dramatic impact on the timings of key items.

  • Replaced the primary jungles’ ancient camps with big camps
  • Heroes no longer gain 25% more benefit from their primary attributes (affects attributes from both items and the hero)
  • All heroes’ primary attribute growth values increased by 15%
  • Health per strength increased from 18 to 20
  • XP required to reach level 7->12 changed from 640/660/680/800/820/840 to 720/750/780/810/840/870 (the difference is +80/90/100/10/20/30 XP)
  • The following melee heroes now have +5 movement speed: Naga Siren, Underlord, Monkey King, Nyx Assassin, Bloodseeker, Riki
  • The following melee heroes now have +10 movement speed: Alchemist, Dragon Knight, Meepo
  • The following melee heroes now have +15 movement speed: Legion Commander, Lifestealer, Lycan, Sven, Ursa, Wraith King
  • Ranged heroes with 295 movement speed and above now have 5 less movement speed
  • Tier 2 tower armour increased from 14 to 15
  • Tier 3 tower armour increased from 14 to 16
  • Melee Barracks armour increased from 13 to 15
  • Tower Protection armour bonus for Tier 2/3/4 increased from 3 to 4


You can check the full list of changes here.

Aeon Disk

  • Active status resistance increased from 50% to 75%
  • Recipe cost reduced from 1350 to 1250

Battle Fury


Percentage damage bonus against non-hero units changed to be a fixed amount matching Quelling Blade

In addition to the changes to various items, 7.21 also brings about changes to multiple heroes in the game. These hero changes will directly affect the meta. The changes seem to slightly solve the problem of low armor on towers and the push meta that was seen during the last two DPC events. Even if a team had a great team fight lineup, they would be at a disadvantage after winning team fights if they cannot take objectives. It is why heroes such as Shadow Shaman, Terrorblade were great in the last patch, something that this patch hopes to fix. There are ever so small changes to various heroes such as Tuskar, IO, Timbersaw, Medusa, Juggernaut.

IO : Many balance changes, removed from Captains Mode.


IO was one of the few heroes that saw over 90% pick rate during the Chongqing Major. In fact, the first time that we did not see IO [ either picked or banned]  at the Main stage was late in the Upper Bracket finals between Team Secret and Virtus Pro.

The IO Balance changes.


  • Temporarily removed from Captains Mode
  • Tether now transfers health and mana even when Io is at max hp/mp


  • Now has an 18 second cooldown and an 8 second duration. No longer has a 2 second toggle.
  • Costs 40/60/80/100 mana to cast. No longer cost 6% of health and mana per second.
  • Attack speed bonus increased from 40/50/60/70 to 50/80/110/140
  • Damage reduction increased from 5/10/15/20% to 15/20/25/30%


  • Delay increased from 2.7/2.35/2 to 3.5/3.25/3
  • Cooldown reduced from 130/110/90 to 90/75/60
  • Relocate is now cast delay again instead of channelling (being interrupted, silenced, rooted, etc will cancel the ability)
  • Level 25 Talent changed from -60s Relocate Cooldown to -30s

IO is one of the strongest heroes of 7.20. The hero’s Level 15 talent grants it the Aghanim’s boost. While the talent has not been touched, we see multiple other changes to the abilities and the hero in general. However, in order to allow teams and the developers to study these changes and their effect on the game, IO is no longer available in the Captain’s Mode.

Juggernaut can no longer TP while using Omnislash

One of the biggest highlights for 7.20 was that Juggernaut could teleport while using ultimate. Since Omnislash grants you invulnerability from all stuns, projectiles and damage; there is simply no way for the opponent to cancel the teleport. It seemed broken and even in cases where you were 5v1, you could dodge the gank by using this feature. Its obviously a bit too overpowered and Valve also seems to think so. They have now removed the ability to channel teleport while using the ultimate.

Changes to Juggernaut

  • Base armour reduced by 1
  • Omnislash no longer allows you to teleport while using it
  • Healing Ward movement speed reduced from 420 to 400
  • Omnislash cooldown increased from 130/120/110 to 130
  • Level 15 Talent changed from +1s Blade Fury to +50 Blade Fury Movement Speed.

Medusa balance changes

  • Fixed Mystic Snake bouncing to Spell Immune enemies
  • Level 10 Talent reduced from +20 Damage to +15
  • Level 15 Talent reduced from +35% Mystic Snake Mana Steal to +30%
  • The Level 20 Talent changed from +700 Mana to -4s Mystic Snake Cooldown
  • Level 25 Talent changed from +7 Split Shot Targets to +1000 Mana

Medusa’s Level 20 talent granted it +700 mana pool. It essentially made the hero extremely tanky and there was very little that the opponents could do. They would have to burn excessive skills and time to take down the Medusa. Even in instances where they did manage to do so, they would often be at a disadvantage since they have little for team fights later. It was a skill that saw Medusa being picked very often. The latest change moves the Mana pool talent to Level 25 [ +1000 instead of +700]. Instead, the movement of the talent abilities only ensures that the hero stays as a late-game hero as it was in the past. Medusa will probably see a drop-off in pick rate, mostly favouring other active heroes.

Something for Dota + subscribers

The new update also brings new sets and quests for Dota Plus subscribers. The new sets have been a long-standing demand of players. Dota + is a subscription based service and provides features such as Watching friends’ games live and Ranked roles as well.


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