It’s a long season for the Overwatch League followed by weeks of lack of professional matches. The first season of OWL concluded on July 28th, 2018 with London Spitfire emerging as the winners.

But post the OWL Season 1 Grand finals, there has been a distinct absence of matches. But we are back to seeing professional Overwatch once more. Only this time, it will be a combination of several star players thrown into a mix.

The All-star match will take place on the 25th of August 2018 between two teams representing the divisions of the Overwatch league. The two sides have players from different teams and it is a showmatch meant to enthral the audiences. 

Team Atlantic

The Atlantic Division could easily be mistaken for New York Excelsior. The team comprises of four members of the New York roster. While they did not win the Overwatch League, the NYXL roster has been able to dominate the most of the first season for the Overwatch League.

The DPS Players: Some of the best in OWL

Saebyeolbe has been called the best Tracer in the world

Team Atlantic will be spearheaded by Saebyeolbe and Profit. This DPS duo definitely has been the best in the League not only for their versatility but also for their skill ceiling. Saebyeolbe has been excellent in his target selection throughout the Overwatch League. His ability to focus on the supports lineup of the opponents makes him a menace throughout the team fights. If he is left unchecked, you can be sure that he will eliminate his target with relative ease. As such teams try to deal with him first, but that only left other gaps in their defence. The New York Excelsior team was quick to find such gaps and surmount their attack.

Pine’s Mcree is a dreaded character

Pine’s presence on this team should not come as a surprise. This player usually plays the Hitscan role and has a very aggressive playstyle. His movement through the map as a Mccree or a Widowmaker could easily baffle you into thinking he was a Tracer or Genji. With Flanks on his Widowmaker, he would get multiple important frags essentially winning the team fight for his team. However, Pine is the kind of player who requires constant backup from his teammates. He has a high risk high reward style of play and as such without adequate backup and support, he can often be in embarrassing positions.

Supports – Positioning and Experience


This is where the supporting duo of ark and Jjonak come into play. Ark has been one of the best supports in the Overwatch league. He might not be flashy as Neptuno or have the ‘best statistics’ in the overwatch League. However, his ability to provide the healing when required as well as his positioning is what makes him a very strong positional player. For Pine and Profit. a well-positioned support is often more important. Ark also provides the right amount of peeling for his co-support JJonak. One of the deadliest support players in the Overwatch League JJonak could easily be mistaken for a DPS Player when you look at the statistics. He has an insanely high amount of kills with his Zenyatta and that makes him very strong as a player. He would often be able to single-handedly eliminate the enemy Tracer / Genji.

The Atlantic division seemingly has only one tank player in the form of Gesture. He plays for London Spitfire, the eventual champions of Overwatch league Season 1. His ability to provide the right amount of dive and space for his DPS is what allowed him to stay on the team instead of Fissure. Gesture has the uncanny knack of being able to provide space for his teammates, however, he has developed his abilities on other Main tank roles as well. Being an excellent Winston, Gesture controls the pace of the team fight.

The Atlantic team is definitely a well-rounded team, although the New York Excelsior influence cannot be ignored. It remains to be seen whether the new players on this team, Gesture and Carpe can adjust their playstyle to the NYXL style. The fact that this is an all-Korean roster definitely helps with their communication and their ability to smoothen the team building process.

The Pacific Division

The Pacific Division includes players from three different teams. These include three players from Seoul Dynasty, two from Los Angeles Valiant and Geguri from the Shanghai Dragons. They will also have Coach Moon [ from Los Angeles Valiant] coaching them for this event.

The Pacific Division has three players from Seoul Dynasty and it is without a doubt that they will have the dominant say. However, amongst these players, one of them, Fissure is relatively new to the roster. As such the Pacific Division will pretty much be a team that is learning how to get together as a roster.

Fleta is the only listed DPS player on this roster. He has been one of the best Pacific Division DPS Players. Despite his team faltering through the mid-season, Fleta has always been able to match up to the best in the Overwatch League. He can play almost all the DPS characters with a very high skill efficiency. This is what makes him one of the strongest DPS players in the League, despite not a good showing by his team. Fleta is the main DPS on this team, but they also have Kariv to fall back on in case they feel the need for a secondary DPS.

In all likelihood, Kariv has been added as a DPS player on the team. Towards the latter half of the OWL season 1, he was taking on the mantle of the DPS player on the team. And in this role, he was excellent. Coming from a background of very good aim, Kariv was able to play on his DPS hitscan role with efficiency.

The Pacific Division has strong tank players


The Pacific Division, however, will rely on their tank duo to tide them over. Consisting of the likes of Fissure and Geguri, this tank duo needs no introduction. By many estimates, Fissure is the best Main tank in the League. His position on the London Spitfire was conceded only due to the personal chemistry between Gesture and the London DPS players. Fissure has the knack for creating space for his DPS players. His past on Los Angeles Gladiators saw Surefour, Hydration and Asher rise to prominence based on Fissure’s ability to stay alive. He is always in the backlines causing mayhem allowing Surefour to ensure clean and critical kills.

The Main tanks position is always difficult as it requires the most coordination and support from the rest of the team. Dive in too early and you are bound to be deleted before the start of the team fight. If you start off late, it could mean that your teammates are not in a position to receive adequate coverage. Fissure’s impeccable timing is what makes him a standout player.

Geguri, or Frog Queen as he is popularly known as the shining bright light in the winless Shanghai Dragons. She was already a famous player in the Korean server having kept the Number one off-tank position on the ladder for long. However, this will also be the first time that Geguri will be playing with world-class players on her team. Not that Shanghai Dragons players are bad, but they are yet to win a single match.

Don’t forget about Coach Moon

Overall the Pacific team looks well-rounded and complete. With Coach Moon available at the helm to guide them, this team should not have a problem in executing their tactics. Coach Moon is known to bring out the very best in each player. His focus on Agilities on Los Angeles Valiant was something well documented by Los Angeles Valiant. The team has potential, but we don’t know how much time they have had together to practice. As a team with mixed nationalities, communication within the game might be a small problem of sorts. But it is only Custa who will have potential communication issues.

Final Thoughts

The All-star match is a great way of keeping fans engaged. It also gives them a chance to see their favourite players play together. It is not every day that you can see Saebyeolbe and Profit playing side by side. There are so many potential combinations which could spell amazing performances on either team.

Finally, this match is a showmatch and one where players can have fun, potentially even change roles? But the lines are being drawn and the teams will be bonding together on their side of the series. The match starts at 1700 UTC and will be live on Twitch.

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