Best CS:GO players to complete in new international squads after Major

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It’s becoming more and more common to see national CS:GO teams reaching out for international talent nowadays. Mousesports started the international boom back in 2013 when they released their German squad to pick a European mix. FaZe Clan were another early adopter to seek international players from day-1.

The search for international talent has never reached this level. MiBR and NRG are two teams who resourced to mix their squads in order to achieve better results. Liquid, TyLoo, Renegades, Heroic and Renegades are other teams that have been past the time since they maintained a single nationality within their rosters.

After the Major we should be seeing North, Cloud9 and some other organizations looking to add new nationalities to their squads. Teams who are being rebuilt from the ground like EnVyUs also should be looking in the market for players from multiple countries.

For those two Cloud9 and North however, maintaining their Danish and North American only squads, respectively, aren’t viable anymore. North aren’t able to achieve consistent results and Cloud9 are struggling to find replacements for Stewie2K and Tarik.

However, who are the players in the market as free agents, or from low tier teams that these organizations should look into after the Major? Let’s name some players that could make into teams looking to go international after the Major.

The rise of Cromen

One player that caught everyone’s attention in the past months was cromen. In his time standing for FaZe Clan, not only he performed well as he also was able to keep performing amongst the best.

Although he doesn’t have the experience of some veteran players below, one can’t go wrong with Cromen. The Norwegian averaged a 1.09 rating in the last LANs he attended for the past 6 months. He can go even further in a proper squad built along his game style.

Most importantly, cromen let clear that he is able to move to North America if needed. North and Cloud9, and any team who want some extra firepower should be ready to make their offers in since he is a free agent right now.

Vouching for the last year Boltz

Unfortunately for Boltz, his time under the Made in Brazil organization came to an end. Fortunately for other teams, there’s an underrated talent back in the market.

It’s fair to say that Boltz wasn’t performing in his last months in Fallen’s squad but it’s also fair to say that he was being misused. His moral was impacted with the rumors that SK was looking to replace him earlier this year.

‘TACO’ leaving the team also impacted his performance as he had to fill some unfavorable positions. We know what Boltz is capable though. Back in Immortals and late 2017 SK Gaming, he was a really consistent player.

If Cloud9 is willing to give him a tryout after the Major, he could be really dangerous in that team. Boltz isn’t a versatile player as STYKO, that’s clear. Using him in his ideal positions though make him a way more effective player than the aforementioned one though.

Kioshima shouldn’t be a leftover

Since being benched in FaZe last year, Kioshima is struggling to find a new home. His trial with EnVyUs didn’t bring any fruits and now he finds himself as a free agent once again.

Kioshima has proven that he isn’t the problem though. Over his time with FaZe and EnVyUs, he performed well even when his team was in shambles. He is a great support but also has the firepower need to be amongst the elite players.

North, Cloud9, Heroic and any team that want to go international should look for Kioshima. North for example who according to rumors are going to try a five-rifles setup should test him after the Major.

The need for NBK

Back when Cloud9 was searching for stand-ins, one of the most mentioned players by fans was NBK. The French player is a versatile one who can fit in basically any role that Cloud9 might’ve needed.

Just like Kioshima, he has the experience to be a supportive player as well bring firepower. He however has an extra that Kio doesn’t has and Cloud9 needs too – leadership experience.

NBK although not one of the best leaders in the scene certainly could help to solve the Cloud9 mess with his experience. If the team decides to keep Golden as in-game leader, he still should be a most wanted asset. Having NBK as a second-caller as well as a support player for Autimatic would be great for C9.

It’s a fit made in heaven and since NBK wants to stay on the top tier of CS competition, Cloud9 is the way to go.

Brollan and Hampus

The Swedish duo of Brollan and Hampus would fit just fine in Heroic right now. Even North could use them now if they decide to stay in the Nordic region.

Brollan and Hampus are the top performers in Red Reserve. Although unproven both had high ratings in StarSeries i-League Season V and FACEIT Europe Minor. Teams that are needing some raw fire power, like Heroic, could certainly tryout them.

AmaNEk and ZywOo

The French duo AmaNEk and ZywOo are going to round up this list. Currently playing for LDLC and aAa respectively, both AmaNEk and ZywOo are names to mention for teams looking to fill an international squad after the Major.

ZywOo is an awper that seriously needs to be tried out in the international scene. AmaNEk made a name for himself back with Misfits and LDLC is holding him back at this point.

Under an experienced leadership to shape those two, they might make big in the top-level competition. North for example has already tried an international mix as the Spaniard Mixwell replaced mertz, their previous awper. ZywOo would be a great upgrade for the team right now as they’re still struggling to find a definite player for the awper postion.

AmaNEk would be an interesting tryout even in G2 if they decide to bench ‘bodyy’ after September. As a smart rifler, tactical teams could get a great boost from him.

The FaceIT Major rosters are going to be locked soon, who will be picked after the Major?

As the roster lock is coming sooner than later and there was some confusion this time around, most teams will only be doing roster changes after the Major in September.

Who do you would like to see in Cloud9 and North? Should EnVyUs follow FaZe and build a international squad from the day-1? Tell us in the comments!

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