The Eleague CSGO Invitational 2019 Tournament Preview

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The Eleague CS: GO Invitational will be the last event in Counter-Strike Global Offensive before the start of the Major. IEM Katowice 2019 will take place in February and we already have the list of the final attendees at the event. As we head closer to the first Major of 2019, a lot of eyes will be on the Eleague CS: GO Invitational.

The event has just four teams in attendance and is much smaller in size and stature than other Eleague. The Eleague CS: GO Invitational will take place from the 25th of January and will continue for a period of three days. It has a prize pool of $150,000.

The four teams in attendance at the event are:

  • Faze Clan
  • Cloud9
  • Complexity
  • BIG Gaming

Faze Clan

The Faze roster did not impress at the IBuyPower Masters IV. They lost twice to Ghost Gaming and their only win against LG was against a much weaker team. The International team recently made a few changes to their roster. They added Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev to their team while replacing Karrigan. In addition to AdreN; the team has also added Janko “YNk” Paunović as their Head Coach.

The latest player for Faze Clan; AdreN will add a very strategic aspect to the Faze playstyle.

These changes signal a strategic change in the team. They want to ensure that they have a more tactical approach to their gameplay. Faze Clan already has several talented individuals on their roster. The team has the likes of Guardian, Olofmeister and Niko. However, the team has been unable to feature strong individual and team results so far. Their lack of results is really frustrating for their fans, especially because we all know their potential for success. With the addition of Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev, it provides something really tactical to the team’s gameplay. The tactical approach to their playstyle will help them in surprising most of their opponents.

Janko “YNk” Paunović is the new coach for Faze Clan. After an unsuccessful bout with MiBr; can he help Faze reach the very top?

Faze Clan does not look potent enough to challenge the likes of Astralis for the title of best team in the world anytime soon. In fact, it would be a great achievement for the team if they managed to secure a Top 4 position at the Major. However, at Eleague CS: GO Invitational; Faze Clan remains one of the stronger teams. They face off against Cloud9 in their opening match. Considering the novelty of the Cloud9 roster, we expect Faze Clan to come out ahead of this match-up.


The Eleague Boston Major Champions Cloud9 will be opening their event against Faze Clan. Cloud9 is one of the top esports organisations in North America. However, post their surprising success at the Eleague Major, the organisation has failed to field a strong team in 2018.

The new roster for Cloud9 includes European players such as Zellsis, Flusha and Kioshima. With the addition of Flusha to the team; it adds a lot of experience for the team’s roster. Flusha is one of the most experienced players in the world having being successful in Fnatic for multiple years. The player’s current form is a shadow of his former self, however, his experience of playing at the top level will definitely help the youngsters on the team. We expect Rush to be the star on the team as he is having a great run so far. Kioshima is the player who maintains a consistency desperately needed for Cloud9.

He has excellent mid-round decisions which help him maintain a good position. He can ensure that the team maintains its position and is aware of its surroundings and economic situation. Unfortunately for the player, he has spent just too much time on the sidelines. He will want to invest as much as he can into this roster and ensure its success.

Overall, Cloud9 is a decent roster; with long term prospects. But as we saw during the IBuyPower Masters IV; they are not strong in their current form.

Complexity Gaming

Complexity is playing with a stand-in; a player who might as well be worth his while on stronger organisations. N0thing playing for Complexity definitely adds a lot of hype to the organisation. However, he is just a stand-in and it will take time for the player to adjust to the rest of the roster.

Complexity did have a somewhat decent run at the FaceIT London Major. They did secure a decent position and results at the tournament. It brought back memories for many veteran players to see Complexity at a CS: GO Major once more. However, the team is probably the weakest team in this tournament.

BIG Gaming


BIG gaming is a team that is mostly absent from big LAN events. They attend very few tournaments through the year, but they always receive a lot of praise for their performance. Under the guidance of the Gob B; BIG is able to maximise the damage from grenades and their flashbangs.

BIG Gaming is a team comprised of several talented players. They have the likes of Smooya, Tizian and Tabsen. Smooya is a player who requires self-confidence in order to start outperforming his teammates. We can always see how the young British gets excited on stage and is very vocal about it. He represents a player who has an exceedingly high skill-ceiling; however, there is a definitive lack of consistency on the player. At times, he can just go off and create a very advantageous situation for himself.

The problem with BIG Gaming is that we can never know which roster will perform to their maximum potential. BIG Gaming is the dark horse at Eleague CS: GO Invitational. They have the potential to cause an upset, especially if they meet the Faze Clan in the Playoffs. However, until then; this team is just another team with potential.

The Eleague CS: GO Invitational will start on the 25th and continue for a period of three days. Make sure to catch all the action live on Twitch here.

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In addition to the Eleague CSGO Invitational; there are many other events also underway during the time-frame. These include the Mainstage of the Chongqing Major 2019. You can read our Review of the Chongqing Major Group stage here.

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