The eSports scene reacts to Brexit

June 27, 2016 | 0 | 2099

League of Legends Weekly News Update

June 20th – June 26th

Brexit was a shock to the international community. A portmanteau word made from marrying Britain and Exit, it’s now an order made by the people to the government of their will to leave the European Union. The decision caught all major economic markets by surprise.

How will a Britain outside Europe affect the eSports scene? Keep reading to find out.

This Week’s Hottest League of Legends News

Brexit is most likely to affect the eSports industry

The eSports Observer published a piece just before the UK referendum analyzing the pros and cons of a British exit from the European Union from the eSports scene perspective. The Wired UK (along with many other publications) are trying to predict what this means for the videogame industry in general. Riot was lucky enough to have its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, but such a major shift on economic legislations is going to have tremendous impact on player mobility. UK players will require more paperwork and visas, while eSports merchandise will have to deal with reduced trade and sale rates.

BIU partner with major gaming companies to lobby for eSports in Germany

The BIU is Germany’s most important advocate of digital entertainment and eSports. In its active campaign to promote the scene in Germany, it announced on Thursday 24 June that it will work closely with gaming giants Activision, Blizzard, EA, Microsoft, ESL, and more, to establish the eSports scene in the country.
With Brexit overshadowing England’s economic role in the area, Germany seems to take the reigns as the videogames capital of Europe.

Maximilian Schenk, CEO of BIU had this to say about this initiative:

“Esports is the future. No other sport in the world is growing so fast. Its relevance has continuously risen in the past years, not only for players and viewers, but for the overall games industry.”

EU LCS Low Viewership due to Summer Changes

The EU LCS viewership is down from an average of 150k viewers last year (even on slow days) to a mere 80.000 average. There are many reasons to that, from Riot’s plan to invest in more languages and regional circuits to splitting the English broadcast in half to accommodate the increased number of games played in the summer 2016 season.

Overwatch Rivaling League of Legends in South Korea

This is no secret: South Korea is setting the trends on eSports. Whatever video-game sport the little South Eastern country adores, it quickly spreads like wildfire among the rest of the eSports affiliated countries.

And now it seems that League of Legends is for the first time dethroned from the top. LoL fell under 30% on its share of net café space for the first time in four years.  

Korean Esports Standings


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