The G2 Roster shuffle: Did Ex6tenz need more time?

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G2 esports recently made changes to their CS: GO roster. The team decided to move Ex6tenz and Smithzz to the inactive roster. Replacing them on the team are Audric “JaCkz” Jug and Lucas “Lucky” Chastang from 3DMAX. The two young players will be a crucial addition to the French team which has not seen much in terms of results.

G2 added Smithzz and Ex6tenzz in June of 2018. This addition was supposed to help the organisation to drastically improve its results. However, it was never going to be an instantaneous turnaround of results. Ex6tenz mentioned in an interview that he expects a long time for G2 to start showing results. However, there was no denying the fact that the lineup lacked firepower.

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Not enough time – Ex6tenz

Ex6tenz and Smithzz have been with G2 esports for just five months. Despite this, they are no longer a part of the active roster. Their departure from the active lineup signals a frustration on the part of the G2 management. The team was unable to secure a decent standing at the FaceIT London Major. Post the Major, the team has not looked good in their online league matches or LAN events.

As we can see the G2 roster has not shown any signs of improvement. Most of their recent events saw the team exit in the Group Stage itself. They were unable to proceed past the group stage in the ECS LAN as well as the EPL European Division.

I was 100% confident for the future. As a leader, I always have the need to take my time to build what I expect for my teams and after 5 or 6 months (usually when there is a timing or a change), I made a global observation and I gave once again a new direction for the team, more precise and coherent and this this is when everything took on its full meaning … I honestly feel that it could have been a whole different thing with a single roster move. Recruiting me to let me establish my plan and then taking this away from me at this very timing and in this context, I think it’s incoherent.


Despite the presence of star players like Shox and KennyS, G2 has had a poor 2018.

However, for Ex6tenz this represents yet another abrupt end to his time at the top level of Counter-Strike. The player is widely considered to be the best In Game Leader that France has to offer. However, despite his tactical acumen is unable to proceed further in Majors. Back during the Titan days, Ex6tenz was the reason why KennyS was able to be the best player in the world. However, despite all their firepower and their marvellous performance, Ex6tenz was unable to move past the Group stage.  This was the primary reason that led to his removal from some of the best French teams in the past. During his time away from EnVyUs and G2, Ex6tenz helped several lower-tier rosters to shine. His effect on the team’s performance was evident as they approached the game with a nuance, unlike their usual style.

So is this minimal time period of just 5 months enough for Ex6tenz to prove his worth?

The correct combination of French players is the biggest mystery

The French scene does not lack talent when it comes to the individual capacity of the players. They have some of the world’s best players in the form of Shox, KennyS among numerous others. However, the French endeavour has always been to find the right combination of these players in order to secure the best team. The 2014 LDLC team did achieve that to an extent, however, they were always under Fnatic’s shadow at the time. Their win at Dreamhack Winter 2014 was only due to Fnatic withdrawing from the tournament after the Olofboost backlash. The quarterfinal victory for LDLC meant that they were able to win the tournament without much in terms of opposition.

It is time for the French players to look deeper into the scene in search of new players. The friendships and the long-standing player combinations have hurt the French scene for long. With Shox and Smithzz no longer playing in the same active roster [ Smithzz is on the inactive G2 roster] anything is possible. The French scene already has several well known Tier 2 and 3 teams. The likes of 3DMAX, LDLC are just a few names which harbour and develop the young French talent.

G2 has already taken this route with the addition of Audric “JaCkz” Jug and Lucas “Lucky” Chastang. We will see if this is enough, however, it is refreshing to see top French teams willing to try new players in the scene. 

Where does Ex6tenz go from here?

For Ex6tenz, his movement to the inactive roster is not something new. He has faced innumerable such problems in the past. However, he still stays on with G2 esports. His availability on the team will be subject to the new roster’s performance. At the same time, Ex6tenz is not a player to give up. His statement of not retiring from CS: GO until he has won a Major still stands. However, time is running out for the famed In Game Leader.

With so much talent on the roster, Ex6tenz should have been able to make some real progress with the team. His own personal goal of 1.5 years is a very long time in esports. It is difficult to expect an organisation to keep paying the bills for months on end without any real progress on part of the players. For now, Ex6tenz is still in a contract with G2 esports. Maybe he will return to the active roster at a later date.

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