DOTA: The International 2018 – Comparing the odds of the best 18 teams

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Introduction to The International 2018


Undoubtedly the biggest event in Dota 2 and eSports alike, TI is always an event worth watching. Not only it features the best teams in the world, but the entire tournament experience provided by caters, analyzers and funny personalities such as SirActionSlacks make the entire tournament worthwhile.  Oh, and it also features the single biggest prize pool out of every other eSport – currently it sits at over $23 million.

What does that all mean for us, fellow eSports betters?

It means that this is also a time to make some cash. Regardless of whether you’ve been following the past tournaments or not, we are here to provide you with the best betting odds for the upcoming event.

Where to bet?

A pretty good question. Nowadays, there are many betting websites which give you the opportunity to potentially make some cash. However, some of them have such a complex system when it comes down to actually withdrawing your money, that they make the entire experience bad. Without further ado, here are safest and the best websites that you can currently use:

Betway – €30 Free Bet

X-Bet – €50 Risk Free

Pinnacles – Best betting odds

Ok, so you’ve decided that you will bet on the event. What are your options?

There are many different options that you can choose from regarding TI 8. By far the most popular one is just to bet on a team which you think will win the event.
You can also choose the region of the winner. Instead of limiting your chances by picking just one team, you have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning by a lot. However, it does come at a price – the betting odds are lower.

Choosing a team which you think will reach the final is also a very popular option that basically doubles your chance of winning compared to the “Who will win” betting option. Yet again the odds are just a little bit lower compared to the rest but they still are worth trying.

Last, but not least, you can also bet on  a team that will finish in top eight. This is by far one of the most popular picks and it is for a reason – the odds are exceptionally good! Of course, the heavy favorites have lower odds compared to the rest but that is to be expected.

<< Check the current odds on Betway now >> << Check the current odds on x-bet now >>   << Check the current odds on Pinnacles now >>

Betway Odds

X-bet Odds

Pinnacle odds

Virtus Pro


 4.00  4.430
Team Liquid


 4.00  4.430
PSG.LGD  5.25  5.00  4.980
Evil Geniuses


 13.00  10.790
Team Secret


 11.00  9.970


 15.00  18.280
 OpTic Gaming 21.00  25.00  22.160


 25.00  15.640


 20.00  11.640


 20.00  22.160
Vici Gaming


 13.00  10.370
TNC Pro Team


 31.00  34.270
 Team Serenity


 66.00  36.040
Pain Gaming


 61.00  72.020
 Invictus Gaming


 71.00  72.020


 66.00  37.780


 20.00  16.840
 VGJ Thunder


 41.00  44.330

Final Thoughts

There is still time incase you have not yet made your mind whether or not to place your bets in the upcoming event. We would advice you to check the previous tournaments results and the performance of your favorite team so that you can get a better view of their overall chances in the event.
Have fun and good luck with your bets!


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