The Lan Gaming Center: What Do Players Want from a Lan Cafe?

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With the rise of esports and the increased investment in the industry, it is no surprise to see LAN Cafes flourish. The esports industry is growing at a fast pace and with it, we also see a growth in the LAN Gaming industry. There are multiple aspects which makes visiting a LAN cafe enriching for the average gamer. These range from the superior hardware, the better Internet facilities as well as the feeling of a community at the centre.

The Growth of the Esports Industry

The esports Global market Projections
The growth of the esports industry will see an increase in revenue by 2022. Image Credit: Statista

According to a Newzoo Report, the Global Esports economy will top $1 billion for the first time in 2019. It is a significant milestone as you cannot simply ignore the huge numbers when it comes to esports and gaming anymore.

For the casual gamer, going to a LAN Cafe is one of the first experiences when it comes to gaming. He is exposed to an entire community playing the same game as him. Talking with friends about the games, strategies and the esports scene is further bonds different players together.

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Why Do Gamers Prefer LAN Experience?

A Photo of a Gaming LAN Cafe
Gamers often play together at a LAN centre, creating a wholesome community experience for themselves


Being at a LAN experience provides a sense of belonging. The possibility to learn the finer nuances of the game in the presence of your fellow gamers is what enhances the LAN Gaming experience. At the same time, visiting LAN Cafes is a way of socialising with fellow gamers and people with like-minded interests.

In addition to the experience itself, a LAN cafe often turns out to be cheaper for the casual gamer. He can ensure that he chooses the PC of his choice and is able to provide himself with the best hardware to play his favourite game optimally.

Requirements of a LAN Center

  • High-End PCs
  • Comfortable Chairs
  • Quality Peripherals
  • Fast Internet Speed

High-End PCs

The Geforce Garage Image
The GeForce Garage. Image Credit:

It allows players the ability to play their favourite games at the highest resolution and at cheaper rates. LAN cafes are often compared with each other based on the quality of their computers. From a LAN Cafe owner’s perspective providing the flexibility for their customers to choose their computers based on the budget is important. It ensures that players can choose the computers that they want to play on and within their budget. Different games demand different usage from computers in terms of hardware. An FPS game often requires much more from a computer’s GPU than a MOBA.

High-End computers can mean the difference between retaining a customer or losing him to the competition. Having the options available to the customers would also mean allowing them to upgrade their experience within the LAN Cafe. It is a great way to keep the clientele engaged and keep them coming back for more. However, maintaining your PCs and upgrading them is a costly affair. PC makers come out with the new hardware every few months. It is important to strike a balance between incessant upgrades and keeping the costs in check as well as providing a good experience for the customers.

Comfortable Chairs

DXRacer Gaming Chairs are quite popular amongst today's Gamers
The DXRacer Gaming Chair

The Gaming Chair is one of the most important aspects of a LAN Cafe. People often spend several hours in a LAN cafe. This time is distributed between playing games and meeting up with fellow gamers. Watching premier tournaments at LAN cafes is also gaining popularity.

Not only is the chair important for Gamers to maintain a good posture, but their comfort during gaming can have a huge impact on the player’s performance in-game. There are already multiple well-known Gaming Chair brands such as DXRacer, Arozzi, VertaGear amongst others.

The player’s comfort during the gaming session is often a major factor in their overall experience.

Quality Peripherals

The HyperX Product
HyperX is a leading brand when it comes to Gaming headphones

FPS Games such as Overwatch, CounterStrike can be severely impacted with inadequate sounds. A player can be caught unawares if he does not have good quality headphones. Without good headphones, even the costliest PC can be extremely underwhelming and actually put the gamer at a disadvantage.

The Mouse and Keyboard choices are more about the player’s comfort and choice. So it becomes important for the LAN Cafe to provide decent Mouse & Keyboard options along with the PCs. The Mouse is especially important as having a wide range of DPI is often important to get the right sensitivity for a gamer. The peripherals add to the overall experience of gaming in a LAN Cafe. Ensuring the maintenance and the quality of the peripherals is important to provide the best possible experience to your customers.

Fast Internet Speed

Internet Speeds Image
Internet Speed is extremely important when it comes to the overall Gaming experience.

For a LAN cafe, having a fibre Internet connection is important and it would be the best possible arrangement for gamers. It is not uncommon to see gamers categorise LAN cafes based on their Internet speeds. Low Internet speeds can harm the reputation of a LAN cafe and act as a repellant to new customers.

LAN Gaming Businesses Are Seeing Increasing Footfalls

LAN Gaming Centre Image
A Lan Gaming Centre

With the rise in popularity of esports, there is a significant increase in the number of gamers and viewers online. For a casual gamer, being involved in a gaming community at a LAN Center is a different experience.

Increase in the number of customers does bode well for the LAN cafe business. Their investments in the hardware is often a one-time investment and the costs are significantly lower post the initial capital infusion.

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