The Most Interesting Moments of the Bukovel Minor Day 3

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After we had an amazing two days in Bukovel, it’s time to see what happened in the third one. Needless to say, it was full of surprises. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting games.

Geek Fam vs Gambit Esports

The first series of the day was incredibly interesting to watch. Both of these teams played very well in the group stage, which made the result unpredictable.

The CIS powerhouse had a very solid start of game one. In fact, the game felt as if it was won until they made a couple o fmistakes in a row. As a result, the SEA powerhouse completely turned things around and managed to snatch the victory.

Game two was a much more drawn out affair with both teams throwing everything at one another for over an hour. While GF were able to constantly take the lead away from Gambit, the CIS squad fought back as much as they could but, in the end,, they could not withstand the brilliance of Marc Polo ‘Raven’ Luis Fausto’s Naga Siren and a 2-0 victory was recorded. 

After the loss, Gambit Esports had to fight for their survival in the LB.

Royal Never Give Up vs Geek Fam

The second very interesting  game was against RNGU and the SEA team. Even though Geek Fam was on fire from their last win, the Chinese team proved to be just a little bit stronger. As a result, they grabbed the lead in game one.

However, with just one step away from the Lower Bracket, Geek Fam decided to wake up. They’ve played a phenomenally game two where they’ve completely ripped through their enemies. In the end, after yet another team-fight in their favor, the SEA team claimed the win and pushed the series into a game three.

Sadly, despite the dominant victory, GF didn’t have luck in the last game of the seires. The Chinese team picked some of their most comfortable heroes and won the laning stage. As a result, they’ve had an extremely strong mid game that was enough to score a win.

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