The Road to Katowice 2019 – Meet the Teams Competing in the Americas Minor

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Last week, we discussed the teams that will be fighting for Major spots in the Europe Minor next week. Now, it’s time to check out who are the teams fighting in the new continents.

If you aren’t sure of how the qualification process is done for Valve’s Majors in CSGO, we recommend you to check on our previous piece on the Europe Minor. There, you can see a brief explanation on how the system works.

Now with this out of the way, which teams are competing in the Americas Minor?

A Batch of New Teams

Different than the Europe Minor, going for the Americas Minor are only teams that haven’t participated from the previous Major. Teams like Cloud9, Liquid and compLexity all managed to either have a ‘Legend’ status or a ‘Challenger’ status guaranteed.

Coming to the Americas Minor, we have NRG, Team oNe, Bravado Gaming, eUnited, EnVyUs and FURIA that qualified through the North America closed qualifier. From South America, INTZ and Imperial are the qualified.

Now that we know the eight teams playing, lets take an in-depth look at their storylines coming to the event.

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NRG – The Pressure of Being Favorites

Coming to the Americas Minor, one clear favorite to qualify before any other team is NRG. Lead by ‘daps’, the NA squad managed to take many teams by surprise and it’s a contender to hold a spot amongst the top 10 teams in the world.

NRG however missed the FACEIT Major London 18, and there was a clear reason for it. The team felt the pressure, and their talents being newcomers, especially CeRq, couldn’t perform. This time around, the situation is even more serious for them.

There’s something here that NRG needs to prove. It’s time to show that they can step up when the pressure does so too. However, how so? NRG had time to prepare with their coach and they got the experience. Qualifying here is a must for the roster.

eUnited – Bringing FNS masterplan to Majors

eUnited, the team who sent NRG home at last Americas Minor is back again as they also ended not qualifying. However, they have now a different leader and new player in the roster, and no proper coach.

FNS, ex-Cloud9 leader is now taking charge of eUnited. Along him, Cooper, previous ex-Swole Patrol is taking the Awper role. ‘clerkie’, the team manager will be the coach until they found a proper individual for the role.

Overall, eUnited hasn’t been the brightest team in their region. We have yet to see this squad in a LAN tournament, but given their previous results before ‘Cooper’ joining, they definitely are one of the teams that might have an early exit at the Americas Minor.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much hope for eUnited going in here. Their first match at the Minor will be against FURIA, one of the most promising teams coming from Brazil, and thy definitely will struggle to beat the sheer fragging skill of that team.


EnVyUs – Karrigan’s new team for the Minor

With AdreN officialy signing with FaZe Clan, Karrigan, their ex-IGL is now on a new venture. This time around, the Danish leader went intercontinental and joined EnVyUs temporarily for the Minor.

Before Karrigan joining, there wasn’t much hope for this team. However, given their recent results in the online qualifier for StarSeries and having a proper and experience leader, they now have a chance.

Of course, nothing will be easy here for them. Replacing ‘Pollo’ for Karrigan was the right call, but jdm64 and Nifty still are underwhelming.

While there isn’t much hope for jdm, Nifty will probably be alleviated since he isn’t the leader anymore and will be able to focus on his own game. Plus, the squad has ‘drone’ and ‘reltuC’, two of the best young talents from the region in their ranks.

All things considered, EnVy can definitely pull something out of this Minor. Considering that even third-place teams will get a second-chance to qualify, we might see them at the Major after all.


FURIA – The Brazilians in NA

FURIA time on North America has paid off after all. The squad is showing to be growing in an incredible pacing. Individually, ‘yuurih’ and ‘VINI’ are also proving to be worth of their places as stars of this roster.

However, not everything is perfect for FURIA yet. As we saw recently, the team still is struggling against low tier NA teams and they often can beat pressure. They also have a different approach to the game that isn’t showing to be the most efficient.

Moreover, FURIA is a big question mark coming for the Major. Given their first matchup, they definitely can reach playoffs. However, they clear will be underdogs against teams like EnVyUs or NRG. Can they show that Brazil isn’t made of coldzeras and felps only?


The South American mix and the South African hope – Team oNe and Bravado Gaming

The two teams who closed the North America closed qualifier in 5th and 6th place aren’t from North America. In one hand, we have oNe, a mostly Brazilian roster with a tip of Argentina in form of ‘NikoM’. In the other, we have the South Africans from Bravado.

Bravado recently got attention thanks to their crowdfunding campaign to maintain their players in North America. The squad has shown lots of improvements since they came to North America to train and since them, they even won a LAN event.

Team oNe however Is somewhat struggling online, even after winning GFinity Spring Series 2018. The squad might be looking into doing some roster changes, or they might need time, but they could definitely be in a better situation coming for this Minor.

Overall, oNe and Bravado are dangerous dark horses in the Minor. Both teams have a high ceiling and while their lack of experience can take a stroll, teams like EnVy, FURIA and even NRG can’t sleep around them.


The South Americas Qualifier Winners – INTZ and Imperial

To no one surprise, the two teams that qualified through the South America qualifiers are both from Brazil. INTZ features the controversial kNgV along some ex-Luminosity players. Imperial in the other hand features some ex-Luminosity and ex-YeaH! players.

INTZ is a team that doesn’t lack on firepower, but has a very superficial approach to the tactical side of the game. We recently saw how this affects them in PLG Grand Slam, where they wiped the floors with teams with a lower raw skill capability, but couldn’t take on more experienced teams.

Imperial comes as a surprise though. The squad which still plays in Alienware Leagues back in Brazil managed to surpass teams that were favored over them, like Sharks. In fact, their latest results have been pretty good, with wins over INTZ, WiLD, and oNe.

So, while INTZ might struggle to make through this Minor, there’s a lot of excitement around Imperial for a cause. Their results are decent and they can definitely take on that third-place spot to go to a last opportunity to the Major.

Who will be on the Major?

Out of those eight teams, two will qualify for the Major in February. Who are your favorites? Can Imperial show that Brazil is more than MiBR and Luminosity? Will Karrigan be able to prove capable to bring an underdog as a top dog in the end? What about Bravado?

Let us know what you think below, and follow us to get full coverage about the Road to Katowice 2019!

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