The Summit 5: Format, Schedule and Teams

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With only one moth left until the start of the prestigious The International 5, The Summit 5 comes as preview on the state of the pro scene, pre-TI6. The Summit 5 is expected to be a more lighthearted, fun event that delivers thrilling matches between some of the best teams in the world, all under the roof of the BTS house in Los Angeles, California. Eight participating teams- OG, Team Liquid, Na’Vi, Wings Gaming, Digital Chaos, Fnatic, Ad Finem and FDL- will gear up for the battles that will being on the July the 13th.

TI6 is closing in fast and The Summit 5 will be the last tournament to showcase some of the best Dota 2 out there, before the grand event in August. This is a good opportunity for teams to test out strategies and stay in touch with the state of the pro scene as six of the eight participating teams will also be participating in the TI6 Main Event.

The Summit 5 is regarded as one of the most entertaining tournaments of the season, as it delivers a more relaxed and friendly approach towards the casting and presenting aspect of it. The event is as in-house as it gets, as the BTS crew will be hosting their talent and players insinde their house in LA, California Intense matches will be paired with creative and funny intermissions and segments brought by Beyond The Summit’s diverse cast, such as the one illustrated below:


The underdogs of this tournament is the NA team Friendship, Dedication, Love or FDL, a team created to compete in the open qualifiers for the Shanghai Major. After falling just short, a new roster competed in the open qualifiers for The Manila Major – ultimately finishing 4th in the Americas Qualifier.

FDL got the redemption vote and are expected to play their first game versus OG, on the 13th of June.

The Summit 5 LAN format and brackets


  • Double elimination
  • Best-of-three bracket
  • The Grand Final Best-of-five
  • No winners bracket advantage


Summit 5 LAN preview teams

Three teams were directly invited to participate in the event. One team from each region qualified for the event. One team earned their spot through the community Redemption Vote.

  • OG – Direct Invite
  • Na’Vi – Direct Invite
  • Team Liquid – Direct Invite
  • Digital Chaos – Americas qualifier
  • Wings Gaming – Chinese qualifier
  • Ad Finem – European qualifier*
  • Fnatic – SEA qualifier
  • FDL – Redemption Vote

*Ad Finem replaced Virtus.Pro after the CIS team admitted to cheating.




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