TI 9 Team Overview: Evil Geniuses

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Slowly but steadily, the most important tournament of the year is approaching. Having said that, the qualifiers for the last few slots are currently an arena of epic battles.

Apart from them, there are twelve teams which have already secured their spot for TI 9 after a direct invitation. In fact, all of them are probably one of the best options for you to bet during the event. Having said that, today we will focus on a particular team which has proven itself to be among the best betting options in pretty much every tournament that they play in. Oh, and they are also currently the best North American team as well.

Evil Geniuses

EG is easily one of the most recognizable Dota 2 teams in the world. They are also one of the most controversial due to the various roster changes and dramas throughout the years. Of course, the most memorable one has to be just after the end of TI 5. EG was definitely the best team in the world back then but they decided to pick Aui_2000 for some reason.

What’s more, EG, alongside Team Liquid, are probably the teams which have the biggest fanbase in Dota. This means only one thing – those teams are also receiving the biggest bets because people actually believe in them.


The NA Powerhouse a very interesting and super efficient playstyle. Of course, having names such as Sumail and Arteezy in your roster can only mean one thing – you have to play around them. Before both of them played a very similar role and things often didn’t go as planned. Nowadays, Sumail usually hops on the various tempo controllers out there in order to make enough space for Arteezy to thrive during the late game.

However, regardless of their good tactics, EG was just unable to find any big wins during the entire DPC season. Of course, getting third places in nearly all events is not bad at all but for a team of their caliber, it isn’t the best either. What’s more worrying is the fact that their performance during EPICENTER was actually the worst yet.

On the contrary, Sumail and his team-mates usually tend to get motivated a lot more when TI is around. That’s why they are definitely one of the best betting options here.



Regardless of which team you support, don’t rush and just place your money randomly. In fact, if you want to get a second opinion, head out to our predictions page where we upload daily predictions which can help you with your betting. Also, remember to use the best odds out there –


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