TI6 Champions – Wings Gaming undivided by the Fall Shuffle

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Wings Gaming, this year’s TI champions have decided to continue competing with their tournament winning roster. The Chinese competitive scene recently went through a major shuffle period – all major Chinese organizations decided to drop their players and had actively added them back into their teams during the invite period.  Wing Gaming roster has been confirmed a few hours ago after finalizing the roster with the addition of Li “iceice” Peng.

A few weeks ago the Chinese organizations mutually agreed upon dropping all their players and then regrouping or creating new teams.

Wings Gaming has gone unscathed through the Fall Shuffle and will be now focusing their efforts towards preparing the upcoming Fall Major.

The team’s high unpredictability and deep hero pool allowed them to overpower teams such as Evil Geniuses, MVP Phoenix and TI6 finalist runner-ups Digital Chaos, ultimately being crowned TI6 champions.

The Chinese team is one of the few teams that did not disband after being crowned TI champions. In the past years,many teams that managed to win The International decided to disband shortly after.

In 2014, after winning TI4 NewBee’s captain Chen “Hao” Zhihao went inactive, while Evil Geniuses  shocked the world when they removed Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling shortly after winning TI5

Wings Gaming continued to conquer the world thanks to deep understanding of game mechanics, near flawless communication, rotation timings and team synergy that pairs beautifully with an unpredictable style and what seems to be a never-ending hero pool to choose from.

Wings Gaming

The Chinese scene stepped into the fray of competitive Dota 2 back in 2014 and were acknowledged by the international scene after winning The International 5 Chinese Open Qualifiers. Later the roster would suffer changes that would define the Wings Gaming we know today, by bringing in Zhou ”bLink” Yang, Zhang ”Faith_bian” Ruida and current team captain Zhang “y`” Yiping.

The team’s first international result – placing fourth at WCA 2015 – was stained by the cheating allegations in their match-up versus Team Leviathan. From there, Wings Gaming’s competitive presence was defined by a series of up and down moments.  After a 3-0 victory over Shanghai Major runners-up Team Liquid at ESL One Manila, the Chinese squad finished in the bottom four at The Manila Major.

Wings Gaming managed to pull through what many considered a period of inconsistency and secured first place at The Summit 5, after beating the two-time Major champions OG.

Moving into the group stage of The International 6, Wings Gaming lost 2-0 to Na’Vi and TnC gaming but managed to tie with OG and defeat former TI champions Evil Geniuses.

From there, Wings Gaming wrecked havoc throughout the TI6 Upper Bracket, defeating Digital Chaos (2-1), MVP Phoenix and Evil Genius (2-0).

The final battle for the The International 6 champion title was versus Digital Chaos. After a crushing 3-1 victory Wings Gaming were crowned this year’s The International champions.

Wings Gaming are renowned for their high unpredictability and deep hero pool, features that secured them The Summit 5 3-1 victory against OG and allowed them to overpower many of the teams that they encountered at the TI6 tournament.

In an interview for GosuGamers.net, team captain  Zhang “y`” Yiping commented on their expansive hero pool:  “DotA becomes very stale if we play the same heroes over and over again”

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